Clayton Echard was ‘very very certain’ that Susie Evans would reject his proposal

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans
Clayton Echard anticipated Susie Evans rejecting his proposal. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation may have been shocked at the first-ever rejected final proposal, but Clayton Echard was expecting it.

Despite knowing Susie Evans would show up, Clayton was “very very certain” that she would say no once they were face to face.

The Bachelor opened up about why he knew Susie would say no, why he brought the ring anyway, and what he loves most about his Bachelor girlfriend now.

Clayton Echard was certain Susie Evans would reject his proposal

Clayton shocked Bachelor viewers when he pulled out a ring days after turning on and sending Susie home.

However, Clayton said he was fully aware that the gesture was a long shot but wanted to show Susie exactly how serious he was.

“I wanted her to know that, hey, I’m for real about this,” Clayton told Us Weekly. “I really, really do love you and I would get down on a knee.”

Clayton knew that Susie would show up, but also prepared himself in advance for her to turn him down once she got there. He could tell once she began speaking that the moment would not liken to a proposal.

“I could tell by her mood and through her words that, I’m like, obviously this will not lead to a proposal,” Clayton said. “This is going to lead to the end of the line, and I was okay – I had come to terms with that.”

He ended by recounting how hurt he had felt by the moment despite understanding and anticipating the outcome.

Despite the disheartening moment, The Bachelor opened up about feeling thankful that she had shown up at all.

Clayton Echard revealed what he loves most about Susie Evans

Clayton was joined by girlfriend and former contestant Susie Evans for the interview. Throughout the video, Susie offered her support by clutching one of Clayton’s hands in both of her own.

The two appeared to be moving past the drama and heartache of the season as they went on to talk about their future plans and what they love most about one another.

Clayton explained that he fell in love with Susie’s “huge heart” and her giving nature. He talked about the shopping date, stating he was shocked that Susie felt like she didn’t deserve to be given so much.

The pair has also previously revealed that they will be moving to Virginia Beach together to give their relationship a real shot.

Stay tuned to see how Clayton and Susie navigate the real world.

Watch the full interview below.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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