Clayton Echard sends his prayers to PJ Henderson, calls for justice for PJ’s brother

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard is showing his support for fellow The Bachelorette costar PJ Henderson. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette Season 18 star PJ Henderson has been using his platform to promote justice for his late brother, Bakari, and he has the support of Bachelor Nation stars behind him.

As those accused of murdering PJ’s brother prepare to be retried in court, current Bachelor lead Clayton Echard took to social media to send his prayers and reiterate the hope that PJ’s brother and their family will finally get justice for their tragic loss.

Clayton Echard prays for PJ Henderson and his family as retrial begins

PJ Henderson’s brother, Bakari Henderson, died in 2017 at just 22 years old.

PJ has been passionate about keeping his brother’s memory alive and even has a tattoo of Bakari. 

Recently, PJ has also been resharing details and information about the loss of his brother. On his Instagram story, PJ shared a post saying, “22 year old Bakari Henderson, who had just launched his clothing line, was beaten to death by a racist mob in Greece in 2017.” 

The post continued, “The six men responsible are being retried for his murder this week. May justice be served this time.” 

PJ Henderson IG story
Pic credit: @th3_may0r/Instagram

PJ also shared a post expressing his feelings surrounding the retrial, writing, “4 and a half years later but it feels like yesterday that we sat in the court room and received the unjust ruling of the men that killed my brother…here we are back again blessed with a retrial and a chance for justice to be served.

“Thankful for everyone that’s been in our corner and helped us along the way. It’s been a long exhausting journey that we couldn’t have done alone. Regardless of the outcome I’ve got my family my faith and my health which is all I need. Baby bro you will always be loved and may your light forever shine bright.”

Clayton Echard boosted the post on his own Instagram stories as he added, “I can’t imagine losing one of my brothers. You and your family will be in my prayers as the retrial begins.” Clayton also added the hashtag #Justice4Bakari. 

Clayton Echard’s Instagram story
Pic credit: @claytonechard/Instagram

More The Bachelorette Season 18 stars show PJ Henderson support

Clayton Echard wasn’t the only one from The Bachelorette Season 18 to express their support for PJ and his family during the retrial. 

Olumide Onajide also reshared PJ’s post and wrote, “Everyone please go show my brotha [PJ Henderson] some love and support” along with the hashtag #RealOne. 

Olumide Onajide Instagram story
Pic credit: @th3_may0r/Instagram

Will Urena shared PJ’s photo as well and called for justice for Bakari. 

Will Urena’s Instagram story
Pic credit: @illmaticwill/Instagram

Bakari was beaten to death by a group of men outside a bar on the island of Zakynthos in 2017. At the first trial in 2018, nine men were accused of intentional homicide. Three were acquitted, with the remaining six found guilty of the lesser charge of assault.

The retrial, which sees those six men and one of the acquitted now accused of murder, was set to begin on Monday but was postponed and is scheduled to continue tomorrow.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus on ABC.