Clayton Echard says ‘lock her up’ after watching Shanae Ankney on latest episode

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard feels Shanae Ankney ruined his credibility. Pic credit: ABC

For the last few episodes, Clayton Echard has been falling for Shanae Ankney’s manipulative performance, and The Bachelor viewers have been calling him out on it. 

Clayton has been able to watch the show as it airs and learn just how mean-spirited Shanae behaved behind the scenes, and it seems he’s ready for Shanae Ankney to be locked away after ruining his credibility. 

Clayton Echard accuses Shanae Ankney of killing his credibility 

The Bachelor viewers have been exasperated with Shanae Ankney and can’t believe she’s managed to stay on the show and that Clayton has continued to overlook her blatant red flags. 

Clayton has received loads of criticism for not sending Shanae home, especially after she mocked Elizabeth Corrigan’s ADHD. Still, Clayton has maintained that he wasn’t aware of the extent of Shanae’s immature actions. Although, some former contestants have accused Clayton of being more aware of Shanae’s antics than he’s letting on. 

Regardless of how much Clayton knew at the time, he seems to now understand how problematic Shanae is, and he suggested that she’s the reason why he no longer appears credible. 

When one viewer called out Shanae’s manipulative nature, Clayton agreed. 

The viewer tweeted, “It’s honestly scary how manipulative Shanae is like is she secretly a serial killer” 

Clayton Echard reacted to the tweet, writing, “Lock her up! She’s killed all my credibility already.”

Clayton Echard tweet
Pic credit: @ClaytonEchard/Twitter

The Bachelor viewers question Clayton’s judgment 

While Clayton may want to lock Shanae up for “killing his credibility,” he also is responsible for why The Bachelor viewers don’t trust his decision-making. In fact, fans have been eager to see Clayton take accountability, and he plans to do so on national television during the Women Tell All. 

Even before Shanae became the season’s villain, The Bachelor viewers questioned Clayton’s judgment and credibility. 

Clayton first had viewers scratching their heads when he attempted to give his very first rose to Salley Carson, who had just called off an engagement and clearly was not ready to embark on The Bachelor journey. 

Then Clayton came under fire for giving Cassidy Timbrooks a rose despite her exhibiting clear red flags as well. Ultimately Clayton had to take Cassidy’s rose back in an unprecedented moment for The Bachelor franchise. 

The Bachelor viewers can expect to see Shanae Ankney in yet another episode next week, and time will tell if Clayton finally sends her home once and for all. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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2 years ago

Kinda thinking Clayton needs to be locked for believing Shanae’s performances!!

2 years ago

Get rid of her before she actually physically hurts someone. She’s a walking time bomb. Be a man and do it.

2 years ago

I have had enough of all these kinds of shows. In the beginning they were good now they are just trash.

2 years ago

Clayton, you need to get rid of Shanae. She is a walking time bomb and will explode out to you in no time. You do not need that kind of a woman. Get rid of her please!!!!

2 years ago

The drama is promoted to keep viewers hooked. Everyone is so fake! Cancel this POS trash