Clayton Echard responds to Nick Viall criticism, says ‘he doesn’t know anything about me’

Season 26 lead Clayton Echard is hoping Bachelor Nation will give him a chance. Pic credit: ABC

Facing harsh criticism from every direction, the Season 26 lead of The Bachelor Clayton Echard isn’t letting anything phase him.

Responding to former Bachelor Nick Viall’s criticism of his recent induction as lead, the former professional football player is confident both Nick and Bachelor Nation will change their mind after watching his season.

Clayton Echard responds to Nick Viall criticism

One of the biggest hurdles Clayton has had to cross as the lead is simply why he was chosen in the first place.

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Long-time Bachelor alum Nick Viall recently explained that he regarded Clayton as a “nice enough guy,” he felt Michelle Young’s final four had “better storylines” and “more charisma.”

Not holding anything back, the Viall Files host added, “They have outshined Clayton in every possible way. So I really didn’t get the choice.”

Putting himself in the shoes of Nick Viall and Bachelor Nation, Clayton responded to his comments in an interview with Sirius XM, “The big thing that I realize is everyone’s like, ‘we just don’t really know who he is.'”

Open to a future conversation with Viall, the Missouri native admitted that his minimal screentime didn’t help with his campaign for The Bachelor, but he felt that Michelle’s season did well in capturing his goofy side.

“And if he still feels that way towards the end of it, then fair, then sure, we’ll have a conversation at that point,” Echard added later in the interview. “I don’t think it’s an unfair argument that he makes, I just think that it’s like, okay, you don’t know who I am, so you’re kind of questioning it. Let’s see if you still question it at the end of it all.”

The orthopedic salesman added, “He speculates on all these things, he doesn’t know anything about me. So he’s going off the little that he’s seen.”

Clayton Echard Responds to Nick Viall's Negative Comments About His Casting

Not harboring any resentment for Nick as that is his platform, Echard looks forward to changing the Season 21 lead’s perspective of him.

Clayton Echard faced harsh criticism for attempting to give his first rose to a recently engaged contestant

Making history on premiere night, Clayton faced harsh criticism for attempting to give his first rose to recently engaged contestant, Salley Carson.

Visiting him in his hotel room prior to limo visits, not only was it awkward to watch, but it was the first time ever in franchise history that the first impression rose was declined.

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The Bachelor airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC. 

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