Clayton Echard is still trying to clear his name after women claimed he fathered twins as court date looms

Clayton Echard on The Bachelor
Clayton Echard answers more questions about the scandal that rocked his life last year. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard isn’t done clearing up rumors about his love life and whether he was set to become a father.

The Bachelor alum was caught up in a second major scandal since his season, arguably one of the worst Bachelor seasons we’ve seen.

But things got way worse after the show, despite how awkward things got when he declared his love to Rachel and Gabby before trying to win Susie back.

Or at least the accusations against him did.

Last summer, Clayton found himself caught up in claims that he had fathered a set of twins with a woman with whom he had a fling.

The woman wanted to remain anonymous and was set to do business with Clayton, who had moved to Arizona and entered real estate.

But before they made a deal, they ended up getting intimate — something The Bachelor star surely regrets now.

Clayton Echard retells the story about being accused of fathering twins

Late last week, Clayton Echard appeared on The Charlie Kirk Show. He spoke about the paternity drama again as he is still seemingly explaining himself after being accused of fathering twins.

“Why I’m here today is – I guess fame comes with a side of madness,” Clayton explained.

He continued, “In this last year, I’ve been dealing with a false accusation from a woman who claims she was impregnated by me with twins – we are now a year into that, and she never was pregnant.”

It turns out Clayton isn’t the first man who has been accused of getting this woman pregnant, either. He claims she’s done it to at least three others.

“She has done this previously to three other men that we’re aware of – she’s been doing this for eight years now at least, and she claimed that she was impregnated by them with twins, as well,” Clayton explained.

“How do we know that she’s made all this up?” Echard said. “Well, the doctors that she said she has seen  – all seven of them – came back and said they have no record of her.”

Clayton went on to tell Charlie Kirk, “We did a paternity test at one point that came back as little to no fetal DNA twice because she was never pregnant, and she also had sent me an ultrasound video at one point that she put online as well.”

Clayton claims that his fans quickly did some sleuthing on that ultrasound and traced it back to someone else’s ultrasound video that had been previously posted on YouTube.

This fight isn’t over yet, either. Clayton revealed that a hearing is scheduled for June 10. When they face off in court, he hopes the judge will rule that this woman lied about him many times.

Clayton Echard has long been cleared of paternity claims

After months of allegations made against him and legal paperwork filed, Clayton Echard celebrated on social media when a paternity test came back and declared that he didn’t father twins.

But another plot twist in this wild scandal rocked Clayton’s world.

In January, it was learned via another legal filing that Clayton’s accuser was no longer pregnant with twins. And according to him, she never was pregnant to begin with.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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