Clayton Echard calls for Teddi Wright to ‘release the DMs’ after both his brothers deny messaging her

Teddi Wright and Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard and his brothers respond to Teddi Wright’s claim that one of them slid into her DMs. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor fan-favorite Teddi Wright revealed family man Clayton wasn’t the only Echard boy interested in her.

Teddi dropped the bombshell news that one of Clayton’s brothers had slid into her DMs after the show aired on last night’s Women Tell All special.

The revelation left both fans and Clayton trying to figure out which brother messaged the contestant.

Clayton Echard told Teddi Wright to reveal which of his brothers messaged her

Clayton called for Teddi to ‘release the DMs’ after both brothers denied reaching out to his ex-girlfriend.

Host Jesse Palmer didn’t waste time in asking the hard-hitting questions during Teddi Wright’s hot seat segment. One of his more memorable questions called for Teddi to reveal the shocking DM she’d gotten after her time on the show.

Although Teddi was hesitant to reveal who had reached out to her, she did let it slip that one of Clayton’s brothers had messaged her.

The women and audience were shocked by the news, and Clayton was left playing detective on which of his brother’s did the deed.

“Both of my brothers have been vehemently denying sliding in the DMs. So Teddi, please give the people (including me) what they want and release the DMs [laughing emojis],” Clayton tweeted.

He then went on to double down on the fact that he absolutely believes Teddi’s claims about one of his brothers.

“Let me just clarify here…I 1000% believe Teddi,” Clayton wrote. “There’s absolutely no way she made this up at all.”

Clayton Echard Twitter
Pic credit: @ClaytonEchard/Twitter

Clayton Echard’s brothers refused to reveal who messaged Teddi Wright

Clayton’s brothers then got in on the joke as well, as they both took to social media to throw suspicion onto the other.

“A lot of you are assuming, but a lot of you don’t know my younger brother PAT THE RAT [laughing emojis],” Nate Echard posted to his Instagram story.

Nate Echard Instagram
Pic credit: @nateechard/Instagram

He also retweeted Clayton’s tweet calling for the DMs.

Nate Echard tweet
Pic credit: @NateEchard/Twitter

Their third brother, Patrick, played coy about the accusations and focused on Clayton’s tweet itself.

“What does ‘vehemently’ mean??” Patrick captioned his Instagram story. “So many unfamiliar words/phrases.”

Patrick Echard Instagram
Pic credit: @patrickechard/Instagram

Although Teddi has not revealed who the culprit is at this time, she did say she has not responded so far and has no plans to.

“I will say I think one Echard boy in my lifetime was enough for me,” Teddi joked on the Women Tell All special.

The Bachelor Fantasy Suite date episode airs Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC.

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