Clayton Echard accuses one of the women of playing him–Here’s who The Bachelor viewers think it is

Genevieve Parisi and Shanae Ankney
Clayton Echard says someone is lying to him, but who? Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor has been nothing short of drama-filled as he tries to figure out who is lying and who is telling the truth.

In previews, Clayton outwardly accuses one of the women of lying to him.

Is this one of the women on the 2-on-1 date? Is this another woman who confronted Clayton about Shanae in the last episode? Is it someone we haven’t even expected?

Who do Bachelor Nation fans think Clayton is referring to on next week’s episode?

Who does Bachelor Nation think Clayton is referring to? One Instagram user posed the question, writing, “YALL IM SCREAMING!! Who do we think played Clayton ?? Drop all the theories in the comments!”

The viewers that commented, of course, declared it had to be Shanae, as one fan stated, “Shanae who is just a mess! She needs to go!”

Two others also commented with, “What do you mean which one? Obviously it’s Shanae nae nae” and “There’s literally only one correct answer.” That last person is clearly voting Shanae as well.

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Pic credit: @bachelorteaspill/Instagram

It looks like The Bachelor viewers agree on the culprit behind the lies…but are they right?

The Bachelor preview raises questions on who Clayton can’t trust

As Bachelor Nation watches the upcoming preview for next week’s episode, Episode 6, there’s a telling moment that suggests Clayton may be talking to someone other than Shanae. In fact, it appears that Clayton accuses Genevieve, and not Shanae, of lying to him and playing him.

In the preview, the women are talking about Shanae, saying, “Shanae is playing the game” and “She’s able to do what she needs to do to get what she wants.”

Then they show the actual 2-on-1 date where Shanae is alone with Clayton. Shanae tries to convince Clayton that Genevieve is not wanting to be there anymore, as she states, “Last night she (Genevieve) was wanting to go home and was packing her bags.”

It then flashes forward to Clayton telling the cameras that, “One of these women is lying to my face.”

Clayton can then be seen with Genevieve during the 2-on-1, as they have their own talk together. Genevieve is crying as she tells him, “Sorry that sometimes I seem distant. I am all in.”

It then shows Shanae on the screen telling the production crew, “She’s so acting right now” with a flip of her hair and she ironically calls someone else out for acting.

As the preview ends for next week’s 2-on-1 date, it shows Clayton sitting in the middle of the two women. He turns toward Genevieve when he says, “Are you an actress, and are you lying to me?”

Genevieve looks as if she cannot believe he just asked her that, instead of asking Shanae those exact same words. Viewers can see Genevieve at a loss for words as she utters, “Uhhhh….Whoa.” Then, fans see Clayton get up and walk off with the rose.

Will Clayton finally get rid of Shanae or will he send both women home?

What will Clayton do? Who will he believe? Does he truly think Genevieve is lying to him and playing him? Perhaps the preview is a ploy, and Clayton finally figures out what Bachelor Nation already knows…that it is Shanae who has been playing the game this whole entire time.

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