Clay Harbor says he’d rather watch cousin Andrew Spencer be the Bachelor over Clayton

Clay Harbor wears a tie
Clay Harbor wishes Andrew Spencer was The Bachelor, and he’s not alone. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor viewers have been vocal about wanting almost anyone else to be the Bachelor over current leading man Clayton Echard. It seems there’s a Bachelor Nation star who shares that sentiment. 

Clay Harbor recently revealed his desire for his cousin, Andrew Spencer, to be the Bachelor, joining the large club of The Bachelor viewers who have been eager to see Andrew take on the leading role ever since he debuted on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. 

Clay Harbor and Andrew Spencer have a watch party for The Bachelor 

Clay Harbor is known to tweet his honest thoughts about The Bachelor franchise as seasons air. 

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Recently, Clay shared a video revealing that he watched The Bachelor Season 26 premiere with his cousin and Bachelor Nation fan-favorite, Andrew Spencer. 

In Clay’s video, he focuses the camera on the television as Clayton meets his women during opening night. Clay then pans over to Andrew Spencer, who rests on the couch with Clay, holding a phone and a football. Andrew notices the camera is on him and lets out a small laugh. 

Clay’s comment above the video stands out the most as Clay writes, “Much love Clayton but I’d rather be watching this guy.” 

Clay’s post about preferring to watch Andrew Spencer be Bachelor over Clayton was met with lots of likes as well as comments voicing agreement from fans. 

Katie Thurston and The Bachelor viewers also wanted Andrew Spencer to be the Bachelor 

Clay’s sentiment is shared by many, as Clay wouldn’t be the first to root for Andrew to be The Bachelor. After The Bachelorette viewers fell in love with Andrew and his charm and vulnerability during Katie Thurston’s season, Andrew became at the top of the list of candidates that fans most wanted to see take on The Bachelor’s leading role.

Former Bachelorette Katie Thurston even joined in the push for Andrew to be Bachelor, advocating for him to be the series’ next lead through a hashtag. 

However, Andrew has spoken about being The Bachelor. He has expressed that he’d say no to the opportunity, especially after his appearance on the show led to some low moments in his past being publicized and scrutinized. 

Time will tell if Andrew’s feelings about being the Bachelor change and if he decides to take another chance to find love through the franchise. 

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC. 

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carol May mercier
carol May mercier
1 year ago

I still think Susie is the one for him.