Clay Harbor and Kelley Flanagan become ‘workout buddies’ 

Kelley Flanagan
Clay Harbor and Kelley Flanagan snap pics at the gym. Pic credit: ABC

Kelley Flanagan and Clay Harbor developed a bond after becoming memorable members of Bachelor Nation.

Clay has sung Kelley’s praises online in the past, and the two recently announced the latest development in their relationship.

Clay and Kelley shared that they’ve become workout buddies

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Clay Harbor and Kelley Flanagan hit the gym

Kelley Flanagan took to her Instagram stories to share a gym mirror selfie with Clay Harbor. 

Clay Harbor is known for his athletic build, and his muscular biceps were on full display as he flexed in the photo while wearing a grey hat, black tank, and black fitted workout pants. 

Kelley posed in front of Clay in a workout tank and leggings and her hair in a ponytail as she gave a peace sign for the photo. 

Kelley wrote over the photo, “I always know he will be my gym buddy,” and tagged Clay Harbor. 

Kelley Flanagan's Instagram story
Pic credit: @kelleyflanagan/Instagram

Clay Harbor also shared a selfie of the two in the gym on his own Instagram stories. 

Clay smiled as Kelley once again chucked up a peace sign at Club Pilates in the photo. 

Clay declared over the photo, “new workout buddy.” 

Clay Harbor's Instagram story
Pic credit: @clayharbs82/Instagram

Clay seems happy to be workout buddies with Kelly Flanagan, especially after declaring her one of his favorite ladies. 

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Clay took to his Instagram stories to highlight some of his favorite ladies, who happen to be familiar faces within The Bachelor franchise. 

Kelley was one of the ladies in Clay’s photo, along with Kelley’s costar from Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, Kesley Weier.

It seems Clay and Kelley will be seeing a lot more of one another now that they’re new gym buddies. 

Will Kelley Flanagan go on Bachelor in Paradise?

Fans have remained curious about whether Kelley Flanagan will return to The Bachelor Franchise after last appearing on The Bachelor Season 24. 

Recently, Kelley was asked about doing Bachelor in Paradise by her fans, and, as Monsters and Critics previously reported, Kelley had an interestingly open-ended response. 

Kelley answered the question by mentioning Clay Harbor’s cousin Andrew Spencer. Kelley shared that Andrew is convinced she will be going to Bachelor in Paradise when it returns for its eighth season. However, she didn’t confirm or deny if Andrew’s speculation was true. 

Clay has been on Bachelor in Paradise in the past, so he certainly would be able to provide Kelley with insight regarding the BIP experience. 

Time will tell if Kelley decides to take a shot at love in paradise. 

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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