Clare Crawley takes aim at Yosef from her season as The Bachelorette airs Speedo pageant

Clare Crawley
Clare Crawley roasts Yosef again. Pic credit: ABC

During Season 16 of The Bachelorette, Clare Crawley had a unique season, and it didn’t come without controversy.

While Clare only lasted a few weeks before leaving the show with Dale Moss, one of the male suitors, she still made connections and enemies while acting as the leading woman.

One of those enemies was Yosef Aborady, who told Clare that as the oldest Bachelorette in the history of the franchise, she should not have a group date where grown men are playing dodgeball in little to no clothing.

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As Yosef went off on Clare and wouldn’t allow her to speak, saying he has a 6-year-old daughter at home who is impressionable, Clare put her foot down and laid right back into Yosef.

Flash forward to this past episode of The Bachelorette with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia where they had a Speedo pageant with their men, and the two seem fairly similar.

Now, Clare has taken aim at the whole scenario and made a joke at Yosef’s expense, one he didn’t care for.

Clare Crawley takes a shot at Yosef Aborady after this week’s Bachelorette episode

Justin Cole Adams is a huge Bachelor fan and also has a Bachelor podcast called Justin Takes The Bach where he rehashes episodes, does interviews, and gives updates from Bachelor Nation.

After the most recent episode of The Bachelorette, he posted a conversation with Bachelor Nation alum and former Bachelorette, Clare Crawley (with her permission) regarding the Speedo pageant.

Clare sarcastically and hilariously responded to a screenshot of one of the men in his speedo and wrote, “Can someone please let these women know Yosef has a daughter out there… “

This was in response to Yosef shading Clare and putting her down on her short stint as The Bachelorette after the dodgeball group date.

Yosef Aborady has his own response in the comment section

Yosef had something to say to Clare himself as he took to the comments to state, “Not everyone has experienced being a parent and father or being responsible for a young impressionable mind. As I am both of those things, it’s my duty and honor to protect my child.”

Before Clare clapped back again at Yosef, a couple of other viewers had their own thoughts for Yosef.

One tagged Yosef in their response as they wrote, “Just lean in bro and have a laugh with us.”

Another claimed, “true, but it’s contradictory coming from you. You spoke to her in a way that no child should witness and it was ultimately degrading and disgusting.”

That viewer went on to say, “You even went on to say that you would want someone to talk to your daughter the way you spoke to Clare. Did you think about that???”

Yosef has something to say back to Clare's comment.
Pic credit: @justintakesthebach/Instagram

Clare Crawley gets back involved with more comments

After another fan told Yosef not to let his daughter watch adult television if he doesn’t want her to see those things, Clare had some more to add.

As she also tagged Yosef in both of her replies, she then claimed, “well I guess you should be thankful to ABC for ‘protecting your childs impressionable mind’ and not airing the other 20 minutes of your rant that couldn’t be shown on national television.”

She also added, “feel free to reach out with [any] further concerns or comebacks to the actual date team who come up with the dates.”

After that, another fan stated, “Ooof. Clapback queen, Clare Crawley.”

Clare Crawley responds back to Yosef and fans back her.
Pic credit: @justintakesthebach/Instagram

Yosef Aborady tries to get in the last word

While Yosef had yet another response back at Clare, one woman had another thing to add as she told Yosef, “dude you went on a reality show with a storied history of showing skin and sexual behavior. Grow up.”

Yosef then claimed, tagging Clare, “I think we all know that situation could’ve been handled more appropriately but I don’t seem to remember an extra 20 minutes of ranting.”

He then tried to turn it back on Clare as he exclaimed, “Let’s talk about the fact that you put your hands on me, pushing me as I was trying to walk away or how you proceeded to stick your finger in my face.”

Yosef tries to get in the last word.
Pic credit: @justintakesthebach/Instagram

Yosef ended the last part of his comment saying they both could have handled the situation better and that Clare should own up to her actions as well.

While most of Bachelor Nation had Clare’s back in the exchange with Yosef, it all started with a joking comment that paralleled Clare’s season to the current season of The Bachelorette.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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