Clare Crawley revealed that she just gave back Dale Moss’ engagement ring

Clare Crawley
Clare Crawley just gave back her engagement ring. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation fans watch as their favorite Bachelor and Bachelorette leads get down to their final two or three women and start to think about a proposal and all the excitement that goes with that.

The franchise has partnered with Neil Lane year after year to choose the engagement ring that would be best for The Bachelor’s final rose recipient, or for The Bachelorette.

When Clare Crawley made history as the oldest Bachelorette in 2020, Dale Moss decided to join the cast. Clare then made history again as she left her spot as the lead, with Dale Moss, less than two weeks into filming, and accepted a proposal in August of 2020.

What did Clare Crawley do with her engagement ring from The Bachelorette?

However, Clare and Dale’s relationship didn’t last, even after a second chance. But what did Clare do with that engagement ring from Neil Lane that Dale Moss had given her?

Although the two split for good in October of 2021, Clare just recently returned the Neil Lane engagement ring. When she was back in Los Angeles for Clayton Echard’s The Bachelor finale, she took it back.

Clare was quoted saying, talking about bringing back the ring, “That was the reason I was in L.A. – I was taking my engagement ring back, [that’s] the truth … Which is fine, I mean, whatever. Why would I want to hang on to something that is – whatever.”

What are the rules on when the Bachelor Nation members get to keep their gifted engagement ring?

The rule for keeping or giving back The Bachelor or The Bachelorette engagement ring is pretty set in stone. There are only two ways that a Bachelor Nation person can keep the Neil Lane engagement ring that was gifted to him or her.

The first is to follow through with the wedding and become husband and wife, and the second is that the couple’s engagement must last at least two years without breaking it off.

There have been exceptions to the rule

However, there have been exceptions to the rules happen. The Bachelorette from Season 6, Ali Fedotowsky, was a guest on the Here for The Right Reasons podcast back in 2020. She revealed that when production came to get her ring after she broke it off with Roberto Martinez, she would not give it to them.

Even though Ali and Roberto were only together for 18 months, she felt like the ring was part of her history and was hers to keep. After making a fuss, Bachelor production did end up letting Ali keep the ring even though she had not made the two-year mark.

While it sounds like Clare Crawley had no issues giving back her Neil Lane engagement ring that Dale Moss had presented her with, it seems like other Bachelor Nation alums may have had more trouble letting go.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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