Clara Berghaus ‘glad’ religious relationship is not in her future, makes video about purity culture

Clara Berghaus in a wedding dress
Clara Berghaus sends a message regarding sex and religion. Pic credit: Lifetime

Clara Berghaus has aimed to be an open book since getting married and divorced from a stranger on Married at First Sight Season 12. 

Clara often turns to social media to air out her thoughts on the ups and downs of her relationship with Ryan Oubre, and she recently did just that in an explicit TikTok video. 

Clara Berghaus sends a message about shame surrounding sex 

Clara and Ryan said yes on Decision Day, despite their contrasting views on sex and religion. 

While the couple briefly aimed to make it work away from the cameras and even planned a New Year’s Eve vow renewal, they eventually announced they would be going their separate ways and divorcing. 

For a while, Clara and Ryan had been fairly silent about their divorce apart from Clara’s ominous social media activity suggesting that the split was less than amicable. 

Then, Ryan Oubre broke his silence in a lengthy post about why he felt the marriage did not work out in the end. 

Two key factors that Ryan attributed to the downfall of his marriage with Clara were her alleged disinterest and inability to really understand his culture and how it drives him as well as their different views on the importance of religion, with Ryan valuing religion more. 

Just a day after Ryan’s revealing post, Clara went on a MAFS special and told her side of the story, revealing that her candidness about their sex life on national television played a huge part in her falling out with both Ryan and his family. 

In many ways, Clara and Ryan just weren’t compatible, and in Clara’s latest video, she expressed being glad that being married to a devoutly religious man is no longer in her future. 

In Clara’s video, she sings along to a song called God Is A Bit Of A Freak with lyrics about some of the ironies the singer finds with God and purity. 

Over the video, Clara wrote, “The feminine urge to send this to everyone who sl*t shames in the name of religion” 


the 19yo virgin to talking about giv!ng he@d on national television pipeline has been a hell of a journey #fyp #exvangelical

♬ original sound – Peach PRC

Clara Berghaus calls herself an ex-evangelical 

Clara also captioned the video, “The 19yo virgin to talking about giving he@d on national television pipeline has been a hell of a journey #fyp #exevangelical” 

A comment under the post read, “Yeah definitely never understood how MAFS matched you with someone super religious.” 

Clara commented saying, “funny enough my dad isn’t religious at all and my mom is devout and they make a hell of a pair so it can be done! *but I’m glad it’s not my future lol.”

When another commenter expressed enjoying the song, Clara agreed and wrote, “literally set my little ex-evangelical heart a flutter.” 

Clara Berghaus comment section
Pic credit: @claraberghaus/TikTok

With Clara and Ryan’s glaringly different views on sex and religion, it seems it was for the best that they went their separate ways. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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