Clara Berghaus and Virginia Coombs announce their joint Bumble account

Clara Berghaus and Virginia Coombs
Clara Berghaus and Virginia Coombs continue to look for love after Married at First Sight. Pic credit: @claraberghaus/Instagram

Clara Berghaus and Virginia Coombs formed a tight bond on Married at First Sight Season 12. 

After getting divorced from their MAFS husbands despite saying yes on Decision Day, Virginia and Clare are looking to form new connections. 

The MAFS ladies recently took to their social media platforms to announce their latest development this summer. 

Clara and Virginia revealed they’re creating a joint Bumble account to look for compatible partners. 

Bumble is a dating app that differs from apps such as Tinder because it allows people to link platonically and romantically. 

Clara and Virginia made a video detailing their requirements for their potential partners. 

Clara Berghaus and Virginia Coombs join Bumble together 

Clara Berghaus took to TikTok to share a video announcement with Virginia Coombs. 

In the video, Clara began by saying, “So we are tired of dating and sleeping with sh***y men.” And Virginia added, “or our exes.” 

Clara continued, “And so we are making a joint Bumble account. We have a few requirements.”

Virginia listed off requirements, stating, “They have to be best friends.” 

Clara shared, “They have to be good-looking.” 

Other requirements are that the men have to live in Atlanta, be liberal, have good jobs, have a good time and be fun, and love Clara and Virginia’s dogs and cats. 

Clara would love to match with a Cancer sign, and Virginia is looking for a Leo. 

The video ended with Virginia and Clara passionately declaring that they want “absolutely no Geminis” as both of their MAFS ex-husbands, Erik Lake and Ryan Oubre, were Geminis. 

Clara asked followers to wish them luck in the caption.


?‍♀️ seeking ?‍♂️ wish us luck @meet_virg_ #fyp #dating

♬ original sound – Clara Elizabeth

Virginia Coombs says she and Clara are taking applications from suitors 

Over on Instagram, Virginia Coombs shared photos of her and Clara sharing a laugh on a set of steps. 

Virginia captioned the post, “taking applications for a best friend duo to ruin the rest of our summer.”

Clara commented under the post reiterating their opposition toward Geminis.

Clara wrote, “+10 points if you have a boat, -1000 points if you’re a Gemini.”

Virginia Coombs' Comment Section
Pic credit: @meet_virg/Instagram

Other comments included, ‘Hot girl summer!” and “This friendship was definitely the best thing to come out of your whole MAFS season!” 

Virginia Coombs' Comment Section
Pic credit: @meet_virg/Instagram

Virginia also advertised their joint dating account on TikTok, sharing a video of her and Clara walking in slow motion. Text over the video read, “creating a joint dating account like….”

Virginia captioned the post, “besties in search of besties.” 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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