‘Cis privilege’ on Vanderpump Rules: What does it mean?

Billie Lee in a confessional on Vanderpump Rules
Billie Lee called Katie Maloney and the other SUR girls “cis privileged”. Pic credit: Bravo

Billie Lee was introduced to Vanderpump Rules viewers last season. She is being seen more this time around and, after the most recent episode, she has found herself in the thick of drama.

After Lisa Vanderpump talked to James Kennedy’s mom, it looks like she has another hurdle to jump over. Billie Lee is on James’ side and that caused some waves during the meeting at SUR on last week’s Vanderpump Rules episode. Now, even more things have happened and Billie and the other girls at SUR could be at odds.

What is cisgender?

During a confrontation with Katie Maloney and the other girls, Billie Lee brought up cisgender — a phrase many people may not be familiar with. To make it short, it is the exact opposite of transgender. The term is used for people whose gender identity matches the body they were born into. For example, a woman who was born with female body parts would be considered cisgender.

What is ‘cis privilege’?

This was also talked about last night on Vanderpump Rules. Cis privilege is when someone who is cisgender doesn’t have to worry about simple things in their lives.

Some examples of being cis privileged are not worrying about finding a safe bathroom to use and not being hassled or harassed when using your own identification card. There are also more common privileges that include being safe in sex-segregated areas and not having your name questioned.

With Billie Lee being on Vanderpump Rules, there are plenty of lessons to be learned. The position she was put in with the other ladies at SUR by being excluded from Girls Night In really opened things up to be discussed.

Vanderpump Rules airs Monday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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