Christine Brown’s most shocking revelations so far on Season 18 of Sister Wives

Christine has been spilling all the piping hot tea this season on Sister Wives. Pic credit: Discovery+

Now that Christine Brown is out of Kody Brown’s life, she’s sharing all the juicy gossip about her former polygamous marriage.

Season 18 of Sister Wives is upon us, and Christine’s confessionals have looked a little different than in past seasons.

That’s because she filmed her segments from her home in Utah, and now that she’s out of the Brown family’s picture, she’s no longer biting her tongue, and she’s dishing on all of Kody’s (and Robyn’s) faults.

While we watch this season play out — and Christine watches right along with us with her fiance, David Woolley — we’re getting all the dirt on what Christine experienced while still married to Kody.

Christine has dropped some bombshells already this season, and we’re only five episodes in, so we can only imagine what else will come out of her mouth as the season progresses.

In the meantime, here is a look at some of the biggest bombshells Christine has dropped so far.

Christine Brown is spilling all the tea in Season 18 of Sister Wives

It’s no secret that Christine and her former sister wife, Robyn Brown, aren’t besties. And even if Robyn had asked her to be her BFF, Christine admittedly would have shot her down.

During one episode this season, Christine confessed, “If it bothered [Robyn] that she didn’t have a relationship with me, she should’ve said, ‘Hey, why don’t we have a relationship? Can we be friends?'”

“But I want you to know, I would’ve rejected her friendship anyway, to be completely honest with you,” the 51-year-old mom of six admitted.

Christine slammed Kody for not spending equal time with his wives

Christine also called out Kody for spending more time at Robyn’s house, something that Kody and Robyn claimed wasn’t true. And Christine wasn’t the only one who accused Kody of playing favorites.

Kody’s other wives, Meri and Janelle, began taking inventory of how he split his time among them, especially once they relocated to Las Vegas. Meri shared a secret with Robyn, detailing how she tracked how much time Kody was spending with her versus Christine, Janelle, and Robyn.

According to Meri’s calculations, Kody was spending less than a third of his time with her, which was obviously unfair. But according to Robyn, she was in the same boat as Meri.

Robyn claimed that for a month or two in Vegas, Kody was spending less time with her than Christine. But she actually wasn’t wrong because Kody admitted that as a test, he started spending more time at Christine’s place. And according to him, his test was successful — he confessed that spending 25 days out of that particular month at Christine’s made her happier, and she complained less.

But that didn’t last long, and as Christine revealed, Kody was back to his old habits in no time.

“And then it went right back to where we really didn’t see him that often,” Christine told TLC’s cameras. “It was only in the evenings; he just preferred to be over at Robyn’s house the rest of the time.”

Christine doesn’t trust Robyn because she denied Kody was splitting his time unfairly

Not only that, but Christine accused Robyn of lying about Kody being at her house more. Christine even brought up Kody’s preference for Robyn to their marriage counselor during their therapy sessions while still living in Vegas.

But as Christine disclosed, “[Robyn] would just deny it. … She knew that Kody was over at her house more than anybody else’s. I’m not going to trust someone who says they want family, yet they are fine with Kody only being at their house. That’s not a family. That’s monogamy.”

Another revelation Christine acknowledged was that despite glimpses of Kody splitting his time evenly, he’ll never change.

“I think that Kody is going to constantly be running around Robyn and her life for the rest of his life,” Christine divulged this season. “And I don’t think he has any room for Janelle in that life.”

Christine’s admission came on the heels of Janelle’s hoping that her and Kody’s marriage would return to the good old days when she didn’t have to worry whether he was going to visit her and their six kids. But as we know, Janelle was just setting herself up for disappointment.

Kody and Janelle’s marriage-ending argument this season further proved that the father of 18 was taking out his anger on his children too. After his and Janelle’s big blowup, “deadbeat dad,” Kody didn’t contact his daughter, Savanah, and even skipped out on seeing her for Christmas and didn’t even drop off a gift for her.

Christine expressed her anger toward Kody for ignoring Savanah during another confessional this season.

Christine drags Kody for not stepping up as a dad

“I’m so mad and furious at this whole situation,” Christine said while trying to keep her composure. “I don’t think he understands how easy it would be to fix this. All he needs to do is see his kids.”

“I’m so frustrated and so mad. I don’t care if he’s mad. When you’re a dad, you’re a dad. You step up,” Christine added before noting that Kody’s behavior reminded her of her own experience with her kids.

“My kids felt neglected for years. It’s just happening all over again,” she added before asking, “Is he going to leave everybody but Robyn?”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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