Christine Brown shades ex-husband Kody Brown for not being involved with kids for Halloween

Sister Wives star Christine Brown IG selfie
It seems as though Christine shaded Kody regarding his involvement with their kids on Halloween. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Christine Brown of Sister Wives was shocked to find out how involved other dads are with their kids for Halloween, seemingly throwing shade at her ex-husband, Kody Brown.

It’s no secret that Christine is living her best life now that she’s left Kody and has moved back to Utah.

Enjoying her newly-acquired single status, Christine continues to stay in touch with her hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

She often takes to her Instagram Stories to share “car confessions,” where she videos herself inside her car and offers her thoughts on lighthearted topics.

Following the recent Halloween holiday, Christine recorded a car confession in which she seemed to shade Kody.

“Car confessions!” Christine began her video as she typically does. She added, “Okay, so, I always thought that Halloween was like a mom holiday. Like, my mom was the one who did it, my dad wasn’t really involved, and then for my kids, I was really the only one who did it.”

Christine Brown calls out Kody Brown for not being involved with kids on Halloween

“And so, I was surprised and shocked to see so many dads trick-or-treating and so many dads in costumes,” Christine continued. “I honestly had no idea that dads got involved with, uh, Halloween and trick-or-treating. So, bravo, all you dads that get involved. That’s absolutely awesome!”

Christine added a caption to the video, “Your kids will remember!”

The admission seemed to be a shot at Kody, who, according to her account, wasn’t present for their kids when Halloween rolled around every year.

Christine and Sister Wives viewers slam Kody for his negligence

This isn’t the first time that Christine has accused Kody of neglecting their six biological children. Sister Wives viewers will remember last year during an episode when Christine and Kody’s daughter Ysabel needed back surgery to correct her scoliosis.

Kody refused to fly with Christine and Ysabel. Recently during a Season 17 episode of Sister Wives, Christine called out Kody again.

This time, Christine was livid that Kody chose to make a four-day-long trip to officiate a friend’s wedding while refusing to spend time with their kids.

Also, this season, Kody let down Ysabel again when he refused to spend time with her because she opted to attend in-person classes for her senior year of high school.

Christine isn’t the only one who has expressed her distaste towards Kody’s actions – Sister Wives viewers have too, labeling him a “deadbeat dad.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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1 year ago

He is a dead beat human. Has been since Robyn came into the pic. She got what she wants. Others to pay for the price of her being there. How she can try and come off “innocent” is beyond the wildest of dreams. She’s so absolutely fake. She controls his zipper and everything else.

Debbie Ray
Debbie Ray
1 year ago
Reply to  LISA

Robyn has said it many times in different ways. Her main goal in joining the family was to provide for her kids! Her kids have been taken care of very the expense of the other wives and kids. Fact.