Christine Brown says Sister Wives was a ‘success’

Christine Brown snaps a selfie on IG
When it comes to Sister Wives portraying plural marriage, Christine says it at least showed audiences that polygamists are just like the rest of us. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Sister Wives set out to educate viewers about the pros of polygamy, but has the long-standing series achieved its goal? If you ask Christine Brown, it did.

With Season 17 of Sister Wives and its subsequent Tell All, One on One, in the books, Christine reflected on the show and its intended purpose.

She recently spoke with about whether she feels as though Sister Wives successfully portrayed plural marriage.

Christine told the publication that she feels as though Sister Wives demonstrated that she, along with Kody, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn Brown, are “real” and “human,” just like everyone else.

“Did it show a functional plural family? Maybe for a while. Maybe not,” she added. “Maybe it just showed that, hey, we’re just real. And we’re just people.”

At the very least, Sister Wives was a success for “showing that we’re just people,” Christine says.

Christine Brown on the success of Sister Wives and being grateful for plural marriage

Despite her splitting from Kody in 2021, Christine says that she’s grateful for plural marriage because it taught her that she’s a “strong goddess” who’s found her voice.

At one point, while still married to Kody, Christine revealed that she was happy with polygamy and claimed that monogamy would “cramp” her style. That doesn’t seem to be the case any longer.

Sister Wives fans have watched Christine transform into a goddess

Following Christine’s split from Kody, Sister Wives viewers watched as she transformed into that goddess. Her glow-up has been evident off-camera, where she has shown her social media fans and followers that she’s thriving as a single, monogamous woman.

Admittedly, the 50-year-old mom of six isn’t looking to get into another serious relationship just yet. She’s been dating since relocating from Arizona to Utah, but just casually.

Besides, Christine has plenty more to focus on besides finding another man right away. She continues to raise her and Kody’s youngest child, their 12-year-old daughter Truely while continuing to grow her business endeavors.

Christine still works as an ambassador for both Plexus Worldwide and LuLaRoe. Christine has remained close with Janelle after leaving the family, and the two have traveled together quite a bit, often with their kids in tow.

As Sister Wives viewers learned during the Season 17 Tell All, Janelle and Kody are also separated. As Monsters and Critics recently reported, Meri and Kody officially terminated their marriage earlier this week, leaving Robyn as Kody’s last wife standing.

That doesn’t seem to bother Kody’s exes, Christine, Janelle, and Meri, however, who are all smart, business-minded women who know what they want — and obviously, that wasn’t to share Kody with Robyn.

Christine has plenty to look forward to now, and her happiness radiates from the inside. With her natural beauty, kind heart, and vibrant personality, it’s just a matter of time before Christine finally finds the man of her dreams.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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