Christine Brown says Robyn has an ‘amazing’ husband in Kody: ‘Everything I ever wanted in a husband’

Kody has been an “amazing” husband to Robyn, says Christine. Pic credit: Discovery+

Kody Brown has been an “amazing” husband… to Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown may have found an amazing husband since leaving Kody, but during their 27-year-long plural marriage, she says Kody was anything but.

In Sunday night’s episode, Christine opened up about Janelle not being ready to pull the plug on her marriage to Kody.

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Although Janelle was hopeful there was still a shred of hope that Kody might eventually come around, but Christine wasn’t so sure.

Christine confessed that Kody will never stop being Robyn’s husband so that he can also be a good husband to Janelle.

That’s when Christine reminisced about what kind of husband Kody was to her during their marriage compared to the type of husband he’s been to Robyn.

Christine Brown confesses: Kody Brown is an ‘amazing’ husband to Robyn Brown

“[Robyn] has an amazing husband,” Christine said of how Kody treats his fourth wife.

“For me, looking in, it’s everything that I ever wanted in a husband, is what Robyn has,” Christine revealed with disgust.

Christine cringed, adding, “I can’t even say that because I’m so disgusted by Kody’s behavior. Just disgusted, disappointed, appalled… ugh.”

Christine would feel “disgusted” by Kody’s behavior for plenty of reasons.

During his marriage to Christine, Kody often criticized her for not being a good sister wife to Robyn.

But as far as Christine is concerned, that title belonged to Robyn.

During another confessional, Christine described a “bad sister wife” as one who monopolized the husband’s time, and most Sister Wives viewers would agree that Robyn certainly fit that bill.

But Kody had a different definition for the term.

Kody accuses Christine of being a ‘bad’ sister wife

“A bad sister wife takes her kids away from her husband. And that’s exactly what Christine’s done,” Kody told TLC’s cameras on Sunday night before going to bat for Robyn, as usual.

“Robyn’s not guilty of that. Robyn’s just loyal,” Kody added. “And Christine just wasn’t.”

It wasn’t hard to see that Robyn became Kody’s favorite pretty quickly after she became his fourth wife.

Most Sister Wives viewers believe that Robyn disrupted the Brown family dynamic

By the time Robyn joined the family, Meri had already been Kody’s wife for 20 years, Janelle for 17, and Christine for 16.

So understandably, Robyn’s entrance caused a muss in the family arrangement that had been working for the Browns until then.

These days, Kody and Robyn are left living alone in Flagstaff while Christine, Janelle, and Meri have moved on.

Robyn has repeatedly claimed that she never wanted the other wives to leave and the family to fall apart, but Sister Wives viewers see things much differently and think that Robyn has gotten exactly what she wished for.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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