Christine Brown named one of the ‘most powerful’ women on reality TV, Sister Wives fans react

Christine Brown confessional
Christine was named a “powerful” woman among reality TV stars. Pic credit: TLC

Christine Brown has earned herself a distinguished title among fellow reality TV stars.

The Sister Wives fan favorite was recently named one of the “40 Most Powerful Women on Reality TV in 2023.”

According to Variety, Christine is among 39 other ladies in the reality television world who have helped make unscripted TV entertaining and have reached audiences in a “fresh” way.

Christine made her reality TV debut in 2010 when she and her ex-husband, Kody Brown, and her former sister wives, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn, went public with their polygamous lifestyle.

Sister Wives started as an educational show to dispel rumors about plural marriage.

When Christine first appeared on TLC, she was pregnant with her and Kody’s youngest child, daughter Truely, and gave birth on national television — the first of several on Sister Wives over the years.

Although Christine once adamantly defended polygamy and gushed over sharing a husband with three other women, she eventually grew tired of Kody’s lack of attention and split from him in 2021.

These days, Christine is happily married to a new man, the love of her life, David Woolley.

Christine Brown shares her and David Woolley’s favorite reality TV show

The newlyweds will soon be sharing their love story with Sister Wives viewers, as Monsters and Critics previously reported, but in the meantime, Christine and David have been indulging in some reality TV of their own.

Christine tells Variety of her and David’s favorite reality TV show, “The reality show I can’t get enough of is Dancing With the Stars. I just started watching it with David, and it’s amazing.”

Upon hearing that Christine was labeled one of the most powerful women in reality TV for 2023, Sister Wives fans reacted.

Sister Wives fans react to Christine’s ‘Most Powerful’ title

In a Reddit post with the caption, “Christine has been named one of Variety’s ‘Most Powerful Women in Reality TV,'” Sister Wives fans took to the comments section, where many congratulated Christine.

sister wives fans on reddit react to christine brown's variety honor
Most Sister Wives fans are ecstatic for Christine. Pic credit: u/PantoHorse/Reddit

One of Christine’s fans thinks her newfound recognition will earn her a pay raise, earning more than her ex, Kody.

“This also will allow her to have more pull on the show,” they added. “So refreshing since Kody has always acted like he is the star and calls the shots.”

Another Redditor felt Janelle should have earned the same honor as her BFF, Christine.

Others congratulated Christine, with one taking a shot at Robyn.

“Robyn, you can go to coyote pass and pretend to cry like a baby that you are! Nobody cares, you made yourself to be nothing!” they wrote, mocking Kody’s fourth, favorite, and last wife standing.

Now that Christine has remarried and Janelle and Meri have also left Kody, Sister Wives viewers have wondered about the future of the franchise.

Christine has already teased that she and David will be appearing in a wedding special, and she and Janelle recently spilled the tea about the future of filming.

Although Christine made it clear that she’ll never share a couch with Kody or Robyn again to film interviews, Sister Wives viewers will see them interact in some of the scenes “for the sake of the kids.”

Part 1 of the Sister Wives Season 18 Tell All, One on One, airs on Sunday, November 26, at 10/9c on TLC.

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