Christine Brown infuriates Sister Wives fans over ‘crap’ medical claims: ‘Go see a doctor’

christine brown IG selfie feb 2024
Christine’s medical advice irked her followers. Pic credit@ christine_brownsw/Instagram

Christine Brown is facing some harsh scrutiny.

The Sister Wives star is trying to help fellow menopausal women, but her critics think her claims are outrageous and a ploy to grow her business.

Christine, who is a Plexus ambassador, shared a post on Instagram, commiserating with other females her age who have suffered from symptoms of menopause.

Along with a selfie and an informational graphic about menopause, Christine posted a lengthy caption explaining the symptoms she went through that left her feeling exasperated.

“Navigating menopause felt like a battle against relentless discomfort😞 hot flashes during the day😰 sleepless nights drenched in sweat🥵, and mood swings🫣 that left me feeling unrecognizable,” Christine’s caption began.

“I was desperate🙏🏼 for a solution that could restore my sense could restore my sense of normalcy and well-being,” she continued before directing her followers to comment the word “info” to receive more information about “relief from menopause’s grip.”

As it turned out, Christine’s plea was also an attempt to get women to sign up for Plexus, a company chastised for misleading claims about its health benefits.

Despite the thousands of likes her post received and the Instagram users who abided and wrote “info” in the comments, quite a few skeptics reamed her out for claiming false promises.

Christine Brown under fire for promoting ‘crap’ medical claims

“Don’t try saying that plexus crap can help with menopause,” griped one of Christine’s followers.

Another Instagram user questioned why Christine didn’t mention the name of her Plexus brand in the caption, wondering if it’s because she’ll “get in trouble for making medical claims.”

christine brown's instagram followers leave comments on her plexus post
Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

“Christine, I adore you……but to start pushing your plexus on menopausal women is pretty sad!!!” another one of Christine’s critics expressed.

Christine’s other business ventures have attracted criticism as well

Christine’s Plexus business is the one side hustle she’s stuck with outside of filming for Sister Wives on TLC.

As Monsters and Critics reported last year, Christine announced that she was no longer selling clothes for LuLaRoe because she didn’t want to be “spread too thin.”

Since then, she’s focused on growing her Plexus business and has found a business partner in her former sister wife, Janelle Brown.

The ex-wives of Kody Brown have traveled the country as part of their business venture, taking several trips to Hawaii and meeting up with another reality TV star, Molly Hopkins, who is also a Plexus ambassador.

Christine’s work as a Plexus ambassador isn’t the only job she’s caught heat for.

As Monsters and Critics also reported, Christine came under fire last summer for promoting the Chinese-based online shopping megastore Temu, which has been scrutinized for using child slave labor.

Christine didn’t respond to the retaliation she received, but the criticism may have swayed her because she hasn’t advertised for Temu since.

Christine’s latest business endeavor

These days, Christine has added Airbnb host to her list of moneymakers. Earlier this month on Instagram, she announced that she and David have an Airbnb in Moab, Utah, where they tied the knot in October 2023.

Christine and David’s townhouse is 30 minutes from their wedding venue and features three bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, a two-car garage, a community swimming pool, and a hot tub with views of the desert.

The home, which sleeps up to eight guests, runs $125 per night and is available beginning March 1, 2024.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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