Christine Brown didn’t feel ‘sexy’ in plural marriage, names the qualities she wants in future partner

Sister Wives star Christine Brown Instagram selfie.
Christine dished on the difficulty of living in a plural marriage. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Christine Brown of Sister Wives opened up about the difficulties of polygamy, not feeling “sexy” during her marriage to Kody Brown, and moving on as a newly single woman.

Christine and Kody Brown shared 26 years of spiritual marriage. When Christine entered the plural marriage, she became Kody’s third wife, joining his first wife, Meri, and his second wife, Janelle. Robyn joined the marriage as Kody’s fourth wife in 2010 and became his sole legal wife in 2014.

In November 2021, as Monsters and Critics reported, Christine publicly announced that she was leaving Kody and polygamy behind for good.

Now, as she’s enjoying her singlehood in Utah, the mom of six got candid about her struggles while married to Kody and her plans for the future.

Talking with Yahoo! Life, Christine admitted that plural marriage is an “emotionally difficult” lifestyle, noting that she was always thinking about her husband and three sister wives in the back of her head.

As Christine put it, “Divorce doesn’t kill anybody. It just means you move on.”

Sister Wives star Christine Brown didn’t feel as though she ‘mattered’ in her plural marriage to Kody Brown

Now that she’s isn’t tied to Kody any longer, Christine can focus on herself. Christine told the outlet that she had been praying about her lifestyle, telling God that it wasn’t working for her any longer and wasn’t bringing her happiness.

Christine revealed that her life was not where she wanted to be. “I was like, ‘No, I’m not gonna stay here for another 10 years,'” she admitted.

The 50-year-old blonde beauty said that in polygamy, the needs of your husband and your sister wives are the focus, rather than your own needs. Unfortunately, she didn’t feel as though she “mattered.”

Now that Season 17 of Sister Wives is playing out on TLC, Christine admitted that it’s “very difficult” to watch Kody, Meri, Robyn, and Janelle’s pain as she prepares to leave the family. Despite how hard it was for her to see their reactions, she stood firm that it was time to leave.

Christine noted that she was careful about handling the ordeal gracefully, knowing that she and her family would watch the episodes and have to relive her actions and words.

As far as her life as a single, monogamous woman in Utah, Christine shared that she “absolutely loves” it.

Christine is ‘casually’ dating, reveals what she’d like in a prospective partner

“Right now I date, but it’s very casual. I’m not interested in anything serious because I just want to be with me for right now,” Christine shared, adding that she “loves” being single.

Although she admittedly doesn’t know what monogamy looks like, she’s eventually looking for a romantic relationship, just not yet.

As far as what she’s looking for in a potential mate, Christine said, “Someone who’s kind and respectful. Very masculine. Tall would be, of course, lovely. Just somebody who absolutely is going to be a partner with me through the rest of my life.”

Speaking again of being in a polygamous relationship, Christine admitted that she didn’t feel as though she “could be sexy.” Because Kody also had three other wives, Christine felt she needed to respect her sister wives, so she “never really turned the sexy on.”

Christine’s newfound freedom has certainly served her well, and her excitement about her future shows.

You can watch Christine’s entire interview here.

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