Christine and Janelle Brown ‘in serious talks’ to produce Sister Wives spinoff

Christine and Janelle IG selfies
Christine and Janelle are reportedly filming for their own spinoff show. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/@janellebrown117/Instagram

It looks as though Sister Wives fans will finally get what they’ve been wishing for!

Since Christine and Janelle Brown announced their splits from Kody Brown, Sister Wives viewers have hoped the ladies would score their own spinoff show.

Rumors have surfaced that TLC’s cameras will follow the blond beauties in their lives post-Kody, and reportedly, Christine and Janelle are in “serious talks” with producers.

An insider recently spoke with The Sun, revealing that the duo is “working on” the development of a spinoff show, which would focus on “life after polygamy” and “female empowerment.”

Apparently, Christine and Janelle have been talking with a Utah-based production company Puddle Monkey Productions.

“There is conversation that Puddle Monkey Productions would be in development with them just based on history and trust, but that’s only a conversation,” the source revealed.

Sister Wives spinoff featuring Christine and Janelle Brown is ‘up in the air’

Tim Gibbons of Puddle Monkey Productions is responsible for creating the Sister Wives series, which first debuted on TLC in 2010, so he’s followed Christine and Janelle’s stories for over a decade.

However, the source said that the show is “still up in the air” because Christine and Janelle would still be working with Kody and his last wife standing, Robyn Brown.

“It would be a conflict of interest,” the insider added.

There hasn’t been an official statement from TLC yet about Season 18 of Sister Wives. And Season 17 left viewers wishing to see less of Kody and Robyn and more of Christine, Janelle, and Kody’s other ex-wife, Meri Brown.

Christine and Janelle Brown have bonded personally and professionally

Outside the show and since their splits from Kody, Janelle and Christine have bonded as business partners and friends.

Christine and Janelle frequently travel together and often include their combined 12 children. Both Christine and Janelle share six biological children with their ex, Kody.

When Sister Wives first hit TLC’s airwaves 13 years ago, it provided a unique look into polygamy. Sister Wives showed a different side of polygamy other than the typical plural marriage stereotypes.

Over the years, viewers of Sister Wives have watched Kody try to juggle four wives and 18 children, and he ultimately failed miserably.

Once an advocate for plural marriage, Kody has denounced polygamy in recent years and is now living monogamously with Robyn — possibly their plan all along.

Christine and Janelle’s personal lives following their splits from Kody Brown

Since saying goodbye to Kody and polygamy in 2021, Christine has also given monogamy a try, and it looks as though she didn’t know what she was missing.

Christine recently announced that she’s exclusively dating a man and promised her fans that she would share his identity soon. However, social media sleuths have beaten her to it, and her boyfriend has been identified as David Woolley, a Utah-based construction executive.

Christine gushed over David during an Instagram Story, telling her fans, “He’s wonderful and romantic and so kind and everything I’ve been looking for!”

As for Janelle, it’s rumored that she isn’t interested in dating amid her split and is instead focused on her career, her kids, and her newfound empowerment as a single woman.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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Betty Jordan
Betty Jordan
1 year ago

Slow your roll Christine on your new man. Take your time to discover your own strength and power as a single woman. Bringing him into the starlight too soon might run him off. You and Janelle made the smartest decision of your lives by leaving the boy child! Good luck too you both.