Christine and David mocked another one of Kody’s infamous Sister Wives one-liners and fans are loving it

david woolley christine brown IG selfie January 2024
Christine and her husband, David, took a shot at her ex, Kody. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Christine Brown and her husband, David Woolley, had some fun taking a jab at her ex-husband, Kody Brown.

Kody has spoken his fair share of interesting metaphors during his time on Sister Wives.

Who could forget his famous one-liner when he compared Christine’s behavior to a knife in his kidneys?

Or the time he said the sight of a “chubby” Christine eating nachos in the backseat of his car “cooled his attraction” toward her?

There is another metaphor that Kody has used multiple times to describe something as less than ideal: “It’s not all beer and skittles.”

Christine found the perfect opportunity to take a jab at Kody’s favorite figure of speech in a recent Instagram photo carousel alongside David.

Christine Brown and David Woolley throw major shade at Kody Brown

In the post, Christine and David posed in front of Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina.

In the first photo, the newlyweds held up an array of snacks, including pretzel sticks, a can of beer, and a bag of Skittles as they snapped a selfie.

“We’re heading to the @charlottemotorspeedway for the Coca Cola 600 in May and we’re wondering what snacks to bring,” Christine wrote in the accompanying caption, adding the hashtag #beerandskittles.

Nearly 16,000 of Christine’s Instagram followers tapped the heart icon to like the post just six hours after she uploaded it.

And, unsurprisingly, Sister Wives fans headed directly to the comments, where they had a field day taking their jabs at Kody Brown.

Sister Wives fans are cracking up at Christine and David’s antics

“Not beer and skittles. 🤣🤣🤣🤣,” wrote one of Christine’s followers.

Another Instagram user poked fun at Kody’s knife to the kidneys comment, joking, “I feel like my back is hurting looking at this. Wait. Is that a knife to the kidneys?”

christine brown's instagram followers comment on her beer and skittles jab
Fans join in on the joke. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

“Christine is NACHO wife anymore, Kody!” teased another Sister Wives viewer who mocked Kody’s comments about Christine eating nachos in the car.

Another fan of Christine’s declared that David “wins the internet today” for his participation in her post.

“Marriage can be all beer and skittles when with the right person,” added another commenter.

David has made Christine the happiest she’s ever been

Christine is living her best life since leaving Kody Brown and marrying David Woolley.

David has been a good sport, going along with Christine, participating in taking jabs at Kody, and supporting his wife along the way.

We recently watched Christine and David’s wedding special on TLC, and after seeing the connection they share, Sister Wives fans are hopeful we’ll see even more of them together… maybe even in their spin-off.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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