Chris Harrison is not done with reality TV yet, former The Bachelor host plotting return to dominate with another dating show?

Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison is no longer The Bachelor franchise host but he’s not done yet Pic credit: © Nelson

Chris Harrison is out as the host of The Bachelor and all of the spinoffs that came along with it but he may not be done with reality TV or dating shows.

In fact, there are claims that Chris is looking to get a bit of revenge for being ousted from the franchise that he hosted for nearly 20 years with a return to doing what he loves on a different network.

An Ok Magazine insider claims that Chis Harrison is just counting down the days until he can make his big comeback and really put the screws to ABC and The Bachelor production.

Chris Harrison plotting return to TV

It turns out that Harrison’s return to take back his crown as the king of reality dating won’t come right away. While details of his reported $9 million settlement to leave The Bachelor behind haven’t been spilled, it has been reported that he may be dealing with a non-compete that would keep Chris from hosting competing shows for a bit.

The insider said, “He’s taking a year off, but as soon as his non-compete expires, he’ll be back on another channel.”

It’s no secret that Chris Harrison’s exit from The Bachelor was one-sided. Even in his apology on Instagram, Chris told his fans and followers that he would be taking a break from the series but said he would be back. It seems that he really thought he would be coming back after the heat from the Rachael Kirkconnell controversy died down.

“Chris may have been overly optimistic that his almost two-decade tenure would have weight with the network,” the insider said. “Chris feels like the way they pushed him out was unfair.”

Will Chris’s revenge be even sweeter with a new dating show?

When that didn’t work out in his favor, Chris quickly hired a high-powered attorney to help negotiate his next step, which turned out to be an exit from the show and a hefty paycheck for him to do so quietly, without spilling The Bachelor secrets to the world.

While Chris Harrison won’t be writing a Bachelor Nation tell-all as many of his fans have hoped, he will be getting revenge in another way if all goes as planned.

“Make no mistake, he’s very sore about losing this gig,” the Ok insider adds. “He figures revenge will be sweet when he can ram his post-Bachelor success down everyone’s throats!”

With much of Bachelor Nation standing behind Chris and the neverending complaints about his absence, it seems there is a market for his talents. Don’t be surprised if a show produced and hosted by Chris Harrison pops up on our radar as soon as that alleged non-compete expires.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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