Chris Conran and Alana Milne take relationship to new level by moving in together

Chris Conran puts his arm around Alana Milne
Chris Conran and Alana Milne take a big step in their relationship. Pic credit: ABC

Chris Conran and Alana Milne appear to have found the real deal with one another and have come to a milestone in their relationship. 

Shortly after his birthday, Chris gave some updates about his relationship with Alana by announcing that they live together and included videos that show off their kitchen. 

Chris Conran says ‘life is good’ now that he lives with Alana Milne 

Chris Conran shared a post that featured cute photos and videos with Alana as well as life updates. 

In the first photo, Chris and Alana embrace on a balcony, and in the second and third photos, Chris shared sweet Polaroids of the pair and a smiling selfie. 

As for the videos, Chris posted a video of Alana popping a bottle and cooking homemade pasta while music plays inside the kitchen of their nice new home. Chris concluded the series of videos with a silly one of him holding Alana on the balcony with his tongue out. 

Chris captioned the post, “I’ve been busy chasing clout and haven’t had time to post. But life update: – Girlfriend and I live together – I still hate taking photos – There’s kitchen competitions – Life is good,” with a red heart emoji. 

The post received lots of love and support from stars within The Bachelor franchise including their fellow Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 costars: Noah Erb, McKenna Dorn, Chasen Nick, and Tammy Ly.

Chris Conran celebrates his 29th birthday with Alana Milne 

Chris recently turned 29 and not only did Alana write a heartfelt post expressing her love and gratitude for her boyfriend, but she also took him out to a concert to celebrate. 

The couple shared photos from their time at the event, including showing some PDA. 

Alana captioned the photo “ilysb” which translates to “I love you so bad” which were also words that featured on the big neon green screen at the concert, according to the photos Chris and Alana shared. 

Chris and Alana had a rough time on Bachelor in Paradise, with some viewers insulting Chris by questioning his sexuality and later being ganged up on by the BIP cast after Chris and Alana were accused of already being in a relationship before the show. 

It seems that Chris and Alana have risen above all the backlash and are happily moving forward in their relationship. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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