Chris Collette reveals what his friends thought of Alyssa Ellman

Chris Collette
Chris Collette details how his friends felt when meeting Alyssa Ellman. Pic credit: Lifetime

It’s no secret that Alyssa Ellman has rubbed Married at First Sight viewers the wrong way with her poor treatment of MAFS ex Chris Collette, but what did Chris’ friends think of Alyssa? 

On the latest episode of Married at First Sight: Afterparty, Keshia Knight Pulliam gave Chris an opportunity to share how his friends felt about Alyssa when they first met her and if they saw any red flags. 

Chris was honest in his response as he revealed that Alyssa did make a questionable first impression on those close to him. 

Chris Collette’s friends noticed Alyssa Ellman’s red flags on the wedding day 

On Afterparty, the subject of first impressions came up and Chris details his friends’ first impression of Alyssa Ellman. 

Chris shared that a few of his friends did see positive attributes in Alyssa, as Chris stated, “Some of my friends thought that she was polite and nice, and kind, and great.”

However, not all of Chris’ friends were fond of Alyssa. Chris shared, “But a couple of my other friends pointed out that when she walked down the aisle for the first time she spent a lot of time, right out of the gate, despite me standing right across from her, first saying, ‘It wasn’t my fault that we were late’ then spending a few minutes trying to sort of fix herself and get herself all ready.” 

Chris’ friend has an ‘I told you so’ moment after pointing out Alyssa’s red flags 

One of Chris’ friends quickly called out Alyssa’s red flags the day after the wedding, as Chris stated, “And I remember the next day I talked to one of my friends and he was like, ‘Dude, red flag right out of the gate: You were standing right there and she spent the first five minutes ignoring you, fixing herself, blaming somebody else, and having to deal with her own sort of view.”

Despite Chris’ friend aiming to warn him about Alyssa’s dismissiveness and red flags, Chris admitted that he brushed off his friend’s concerns as he believed Alyssa’s behavior was due to wedding day jitters. 

Chris continued, “So I had one friend who pointed that out and I was like, ‘Dude she’s getting married. She’s probably freaking out a little bit. I was too. Give her some slack.’ And now it’s sort of an ‘I told you so.’”

Unfortunately, it seems Chris’ friends were right about Alyssa’s lack of interest in Chris as the couple never found chemistry and divorced after barely two weeks of marriage. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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2 years ago

Two weeks was too long. I would have not went on the trip with her. Her VACAY would have never begin. Before I left her I’d have to say oh Alyssa you wore the wrong dress. You need boobs to wear that one.