Chris Collette gushes over new girlfriend after disastrous marriage to Alyssa on MAFS

MAFS stars Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette screenshot
Chris Collette has a new girlfriend after divorce from Alyssa Ellman. Pic credit: Lifetime

If there’s one person who deserved a do-over on Married at First Sight, it would be Chris Collette, who got the short end of the stick during his time on the show.

The Season 14 alum had to cut his time short and end the charade after he was matched with Alyssa Ellman.

The nightmare began on the wedding day as Alyssa was none too pleased to see who the experts had picked as her groom.

She treated him poorly the entire time while telling the audience at every opportunity that she was a good person.

Alyssa made it clear that she wanted to stay on the show but had zero interest in Chris. After trying his best, the 36-year-old had no choice but to call it quits and leave the eight-week experiment after the honeymoon.

Chris didn’t get a fair chance on the show, but now he has found his perfect match, and MAFS viewers couldn’t be happier.

MAFS star Chris Collette raves about his ‘smart and funny’ girlfriend

Chris is in a flourishing relationship after his failed MAFS stint, and he took to Instagram to sing praises to his girlfriend, Emily.

He posted several photos from their time together and said the only downside is that it took “this long to find her.”

“Get yourself a girl like this – Every day just goes better with someone who constantly supports you and understands you. Someone who is smart and funny,” wrote Chris in the caption.

“Someone who likes your dog probably more than you do. Someone who makes you feel like a superhero every day.”

It seems the couple has been dating for quite some time, given the carousel of images, but this is the first time Chris has posted Emily on his Instagram page.

MAFS viewers exclaim happiness for Chris after he goes Instagram official with his new romance

After Chris posted the photo of his girlfriend online, MAFS fans exclaimed their happiness that he had found someone new.

“Glad for you. You got a terrible match on MAFS. This one looks like a keeper.🙌,” said one commenter.

“I’m simply thrilled for you, Chris! Congratulations! You surely had my total respect on MAFS for refusing to allow that master-manipulator to continue her charade!” added someone else.

One viewer wrote, “So happy for you! She apparently has a sense of humor along with good looks, not like what’s her name!!”

MAFS viewer comments
Pic credit: @chris_collette/Instagram

People also poked fun at Alyssa’s “good person” proclamation in the comments.

“Congratulations, you deserve it!! I hope she’s a good person. 😆,” said one viewer laughingly.

“We stan ❤️ She’s ‘like a really good person’ 🥲 but is ACTUALLY a good person lol,” said someone else.

Married at First Sight Season 17 premieres Wednesday, October 18, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Connie Webb
Connie Webb
9 months ago

So happy for you she’s beautiful n you deserve to be happy! You were way to good for allysa! Hope her karma slaps her in the face!

9 months ago

So happy for you Chris. You deserve to be happy and loved. I was always rooting to you!!!!