Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton Bachelor In Paradise update: Why is Chris alone?

Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton are reportedly going strong. Pic credit: ABC

It has been almost a month since Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton sat down on the Bachelor In Paradise reunion couch and revealed that their engagement hadn’t been as expected.

While Chris admitted he wasn’t good at showing his emotions, Katie revealed that she was exhausted trying to make him feel special in the relationship.

While they agreed to give their relationship a second chance, the two had a heated exchange backstage. And this is where producers left it.

Fans have been wondering how they are doing and whether they are still together. So, when Chris posted a photo of himself alone, people immediately asked where Katie was.

“Since everyone will be asking…Katie is currently in LA taking a walk around the block,” Chris revealed, predicting that everyone would be asking where she was and whether they were still together.

And on Katie’s Instagram, it’s clear that she’s getting back into the groove. It’s possible she’s been staying in Chicago with Chris, who runs several businesses there.

She could be in Los Angeles to get back to work after spending the summer with Chris. No word on when she’ll be back in Chicago, but it sounds like they are indeed still going strong with their engagement back on track.

Many viewers are rooting for Chris and Katie. During the reunion special, Katie revealed that she had put everything into her relationship with Chris and she wanted it to work so badly.

While he was waiting to be dumped, she essentially put the ball in his court – step up or be single again. Chris realized that she would be leaving him if he didn’t change his ways and now, it seems that they are happier than ever.

Bachelor In Paradise returns next summer on ABC.

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