Cheyenne Floyd’s dad Kyle stole the show with his commentary during Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In

Teen Mom: Girls' Night In star Cheyenne Floyd and her dad Kyle
Cheyenne Floyd’s dad Kyle stole the show with his commentary during Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In. Pic credit: MTV

The latest episode of Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In turned out to be the most entertaining one yet, all thanks to Cheyenne Floyd’s father, Kyle.

The episode, aptly titled They’ll Edit This Part Out, followed its 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk format where moms from Teen Mom OG, along with their friends and family, provide commentary on past episodes of Teen Mom 2.

This week’s episode saw commentary from Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd, who chose her stepdad David, and her father Kyle as her couch companions, as well as her fiance Zach Davis (who was recently arrested for outstanding DUI and theft warrants).

In addition, Teen Mom OG cast members Amber Portwood and her mom Tonya, as well as Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra and Tyler’s mom Kim, and Maci Bookout with her husband Taylor and friend Raj, gave their own commentary throughout the episode.

Cheyenne Floyd’s dad Kyle’s commentary stole the show on Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In

Cheyenne’s father Kyle, however, stole the show with his commentary that had Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In viewers cracking up.

At different points throughout the episode, Kyle made several remarks. One comment referred to Jade’s mom Christy, who he assumed was male and he said looked like a “truck driver.”

Kyle then insinuated that Kail Lowry’s nanny, Natalie, was more than just her “friend,” made a comment about Leah having a bad hair day, and admitted to having a crush on Ashley Jones, who he referred to as the “cute girl with the tattoo guy,” referencing her husband Bar Smith.

When Briana’s scene played, she described her then-boyfriend Javi Gonzalez as looking a “little rough around the edges.” Kyle retorted, “SHE looks a little rough around the edges,” before Cheyenne nudged her dad.

When Cheyenne told Kyle he was being “so mean,” he thought Briana would never hear his remarks from the episode.

“They’ll edit this part out,” Kyle said.

cheyenne floyd gave her fans a disclaimer about her dad kyle's commentary on TMGNI
Pic credit: @itskcheyenne/Twitter

Then, as Briana was walking into Javi’s tattoo shop during the next clip, Kyle remarked, “She looks like she’s 30, though. Why does she look so old? That’s my question.”

Cheyenne took to Twitter ahead of Tuesday night’s episode to pre-warn her fans that her dad’s commentary was quite colorful.

“Disclaimer right now… my dad has zero filter but I promise he means no harm ?,” Cheyenne tweeted.

TMGNI viewers took to twitter to comment on cheyenne floyd's father kyle's commentary
Pic credit: @allanaaaj/Twitter and @Ke65288765/Twitter

Shortly after the episode aired, Cheyenne took to Twitter once again to tell her followers, “Y’all I promise my dad roasts me on the daily ?? please don’t be offended.”

Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In viewers loved Kyle’s commentary

Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In viewers also took to Twitter where they shared their thoughts on Kyle’s commentary, which stole the show.

“Cheyenne’s dad is easily the best part of tonight’s episode,” wrote one Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In fan.

Another commented, “Cheyenne’s dad said nobody is safe lol he has jokes for everybody ?.”

One Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In fan wants Kyle to get his own show.

TMGNI viewers commented on Cheyenne floyd's dad Kyle's commentary on twitter
Pic credit: @CassieLove_15/Twitter

“Petition to let Cheyenne’s dad have his own show where he just roasts people cause he gots me laughing my a** off tonight ????,” their comment read.

Cheyenne and Zach are busy these days between raising their daughter Ryder and son Ace, and also appearing on both of the Teen Mom spinoff shows.

In addition to Girls’ Night In, Teen Mom fans can catch Cheyenne, Zach, and the rest of the cast on Teen Mom Family Reunion, which airs one hour prior every Tuesday night.

Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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