Cheyenne Floyd shows off gym body after a Pilates workout

Cheyenne snaps an IG selfie July 2022
Cheyenne looks radiant for a summertime selfie. Pic credit: @cheynotshy/Instagram

Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd is putting in the work at the gym and it shows.

Cheyenne snapped a gym selfie following a Pilates workout, showing off the fruits of her labor.

The mom of two shared the photo in her Instagram Story and proved that she looks incredible, even after breaking a sweat.

Cheyenne snapped a full-length mirror selfie, sporting a post-workout glow and looking fit as ever.

Cheyenne posed for the photo inside her gym, striking a sideways pose to show off her trim yet curvy physique.

The 30-year-old MTV star was clad in a black longsleeved crop top and grey leggings for her Pilates session.

Cheyenne Floyd strikes a pose for a gym selfie after her workout is ‘complete’

Cheyenne secured her hair in a black headscarf with a gold pattern and appeared to be makeup-free other than some lash extensions and a hint of pink on her lips.

cheyenne floyd snaps a post-workout selfie for her Instagram story
Cheyenne looks amazing post-workout. Pic credit: @cheynotshy/Instagram

She sported baby pink acrylic nails, and her enormous wedding ring was visible as she stared into her phone’s camera lens with a straight face.

“Workout complete ✅,” read the caption on the image. Cheyenne also tagged Motivate Studios — which offers 45-minute full-body workouts — at the bottom of the snapshot.

Cheyenne eats low-sugar snacks to help maintain her post-baby body

After giving birth to her second child, Ace, in 2021, Cheyenne has worked hard to regain her pre-pregnancy figure. In addition to hitting the gym, Cheyenne is mindful of what she eats.

Last summer, Cheyenne promoted Smart Sweets. The low-calorie, low-sugar gummies are made with no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners, making them a healthier alternative to high-sugar sweets.

Cheyenne noted in her caption, “I love that I can kick the sugar and still satisfy my sweet tooth since these only have 1 gram of sugar per 3.”

Cheyenne also proved that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean being boring.

Cheyenne and her husband, Zach Davis, got creative during one of their meals earlier this year. Cheyenne kept in line with her healthy diet, but with a twist, while she and Zach vacationed in Dubai.

The newlyweds enjoyed their hibachi dinner while suspended hundreds of feet in the air at Dinner in the Sky. Cheyenne and Zach buckled up as they were suspended in the air for the one-of-a-kind dining experience.

“Dinner in the Sky ✨,” Cheyenne wrote in the caption, asking her followers, “would you try this?”

Teen Mom Family Reunion is currently on hiatus.

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