Cheyenne Floyd sets a date for her ‘grand, big wedding,’ explains why she’s inviting her ex Cory Wharton

Cheyenne Floyd, Cory Wharton and Zach Davis of Teen Mom OG
Cheyenne Floyd opened up about her upcoming “grand” wedding and explained why she’s inviting her ex Cory Wharton. Pic credit: MTV

Cheyenne Floyd of Teen Mom OG has set a date for her “grand, big” wedding to her fiance Zach Davis and explained why she’s inviting her baby daddy Cory Wharton.

Cheyenne and Zach got engaged this spring during their baby shower for their son Ace, and the daunting task of wedding planning has officially begun.

The 28-year-old mom of two talked with E! News about planning her upcoming nuptials and the reason why Cory Wharton is expected to be in attendance.

Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis are getting married next year

“We have finally locked in a venue and we’ve booked a date,” Cheyenne shared. “We’re going to get married next year and [sic] now that we’ve kind of locked things in.”

“Now the fun stuff begins and we get to start planning what we’re going to look like that day and we’re getting to the fun part. I’m excited to be able to start sharing more about the wedding now [that] the things are locked and signed,” Cheyenne added.

Zach Davis’s future bride promised that they’re going all out for their special day, hinting at a monumental wedding day.

“I would say me doing anything small is like sacrilegious so I think people expect us to have a grand, big wedding and we’re going to deliver exactly that,” the Teen Mom OG star revealed.

Cory Wharton will be on the guest list

One person on Cheyenne and Zach’s guest list who may come as a surprise is Cheyenne’s baby daddy, Cory Wharton, with whom she shares daughter Ryder, 4.

Cory also shares a daughter with his longtime girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge, and Cheyenne and Zach share a son, Ace, who was just born in May.

Although it may seem odd to some that Cheyenne would invite Cory to her wedding, she explained that she and Cory share a unique bond and there won’t be any awkwardness.

“We support each other and each other’s relationships and families and of course him and Taylor and Mila would be invited,” Cheyenne told E! News.

Cheyenne added, “Ryder is a flower girl and I know Cory is gonna want to see Ry all dressed up and stuff so of course they would be invited.”

Cheyenne also explained that she and Cory began their relationship as friends, and that role has never changed in their relationship.

With a laugh, Cheyenne said, “Cory and I are friends. We started out as friends. We’ve always been friends. We just happen to be two friends who have a baby.”

The MTV star also admitted that co-parenting with Cory isn’t always seamless, but they keep their daughter Ryder at the top of their priority list and use techniques to work through their issues. And when it comes to Cheyenne and Cory’s co-parenting relationship, Teen Mom OG fans adore it.

“We co-parent as best as we can. We do butt heads, but we try to argue in a healthy way. We agree to disagree a lot and we do practice forgiveness a lot. We’re transparent. We communicate.”

Cheyenne recently hinted at a “rough” season between herself and Cory on the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG. And Cory admitted earlier this year that their relationship is “not always rainbows and butterflies.”

“We have to be because we have Ryder and we want Ryder to be raised in a healthy situation. It’s not a normal one, but it’s normal for her,” Cheyenne added.

Cheyenne isn’t blind to the fact that what she once only prayed for, has now become a reality for the Teen Mom OG star, and she thinks she had a bit of a hand in her own destiny.

“I prayed so much. I honestly prayed and spoke this into existence, and I stand by that,” Cheyenne revealed.

“This was something that I was very vocal about. I wanted a family and I wanted Ryder to have another sibling. I wanted to be married. It’s finally all happening.”

Cheyenne accidentally shared her and Zach’s wedding date earlier this year during a YouTube video. A calendar showed the date to be November 2022, although they didn’t show an exact day — fans will have to wait to find out the date.

Best of luck to Cheyenne and Zach as they plan for their wedding!

Teen Mom OG returns on Tuesday, September 7 at 8/7c on MTV.

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