Chelsea Houska talks new HGTV show, feeling ‘nervous’ for oversharing on Teen Mom 2

Chelsea Houska Teen Mom 2 reunion
Chelsea’s new HGTV show Down Home Fab premieres this week. Pic credit: MTV

Chelsea Houska is best known for her 10 seasons on Teen Mom 2, but now she’s ready to tackle a different type of reality TV show.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Chelsea and her husband, Cole DeBoer, have a new home renovation show, Down Home Fab, premiering this week on HGTV.

Since her time on MTV, Chelsea has shifted her focus, and although her new show is also considered reality TV, it’s a totally different ballgame.

Chelsea and Cole recently sat down with ET’s Deidre Behar to discuss their transition from MTV to HGTV.

According to Chelsea, she didn’t plan to appear in another reality TV show. “There was no plan at all. I fully left Teen Mom thinking that’s probably it,” the mom of four shared.

“But I was OK with that also. I just felt like that’s fine. So the fact that this happened after closing that door, it’s been a wild ride,” Chelsea added.

Chelsea Houska says no longer sharing her personal life on TV is ‘hugest weight’ off her shoulders

Now that Chelsea will share a different facet of her life with cameras, focusing on her professional side rather than her personal life, she said it was the “hugest weight lifted off [her] shoulders.”

Admittedly, Chelsea often worried during her ten seasons on Teen Mom 2 whether she was sharing too much of her personal life with viewers, especially when it came to her kids’ lives. Chelsea shares her 13-year-old daughter, Aubree, with her ex Adam Lind, and she and Cole share three biological children: Watson, 5, Layne, 4, and Walker, 1.

Teen Mom 2 alums Chelsea and Cole DeBoer will limit kids’ personal lives on Down Home Fab

“You still do get to see a little bit with the kids, but I feel like it’s very lighthearted,” Chelsea said of her kids’ appearances on Down Home Fab.

As Cole explained, their kids will be featured in Down Home Fab, but they won’t be delving much into their private lives. Instead, their show will focus on their work as they combine their home renovation and design skills, which Chelsea describes as “South Dakota Glam.” Cole will bring his “rustic” vibes and infuse them with Chelsea’s love of all things glam.

Chelsea credits her dad, Randy Houska, for inspiring her to chase her dreams, telling her to “always take the high road.” And Chelsea has done just that.

Since cutting ties with MTV in 2020, Chelsea has remained in contact with some of her former castmates, including Leah Messer and Kail Lowry, and noted that she doesn’t have any bad blood with anyone from the Teen Mom franchise. In fact, Chelsea said some of them have sent her messages of support, and she does the same for them.

As if Chelsea and Cole don’t already have enough on their plates, they told Deidre they’re not opposed to adding more kids to their already large brood. “The door is not closed, but the door is also not open,” Chelsea told her, while Cole joked that more kids mean “free employees.”

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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