Chelsea Houska introduces the newest additions to the DeBoer family: Meet Nelson and Steve

Chelsea Houska formerly of Teen Mom 2
Chelsea Houska welcomed two new members to her family. Pic credit: MTV

Former Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska introduced the two newest members of her family to her fans — Nelson and Steve.

Chelsea and her husband Cole already have a full house with four kids, daughter Aubree, 10, son Watson, 3, daughter Layne, 2, and daughter Walker, 5 months.

So who are the newest additions to the DeBoer family?

Chelsea announced to her fans that her family got two highland cows over the weekend.

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The newest members of the DeBoer household were first introduced on DownHomeDeBoers Instagram page, one of Chelsea’s various pages.

The first pic the page shared showed both Nelson and Steve, presumably males, one of which is a brown cow and the other is a white cow. They stood next to each other in an open field, along with a simple red heart as the caption.

The page then shared two pics of the adorable fluffy, white baby cow, along with a picture of Cole bottle feeding the brown cow, and captioned the pics “I hope you guys are prepared for all the fluffy cow pictures ✨”

Shortly after DownHomeDeBoers shared their pics, Chelsea shared them on her own personal Instagram page.

Along with the caption, “The newest DeBoers, Nelson & Steve ? . .#highlandcow,” Chelsea shared a solo pic of the white calf, along with a pic of the brown calf standing next to Cole, who wore cowboy boots, in front of a fence.

In the third and fourth slides, the white cow took a handfed bottle while Chelsea and Cole’s daughter, Layne, petted the cow, and in the last shot, the brown cow stuck out its tongue for an up-close pic.

Chelsea shared some footage of her kids with the calves

In her IG stories, Chelsea shared a clip of son Watson and daughter Layne letting the calves lick their hands while Layne can be heard saying, “Eww!”

In the next clip, Chelsea videoed the white calf as it walked around the field, and in the next short clip, she stopped to tell the white calf, “Hi, buddy!”

Nelson and Steve were grazing in the next clip while Chelsea filmed them as the brown calf turned around to face the camera and wiggle its ears.

Her last IG slide was a closeup solo pic of the white calf, turned toward the camera while standing in the fenced field.

In addition to Nelson and Steve, Chelsea has plenty to keep her busy

Tending to cows is Chelsea’s latest undertaking since announcing her departure from Teen Mom 2 last November.

In addition to running her home decor businesses, Chelsea stays busy with her and Cole’s four kids. She shared a family fishing trip they took last week, complete with a “poop blowout.”

Teen Mom 2 fans aren’t thrilled that Chelsea left the show, and they aren’t really feeling her replacement, Ashley Jones.

Chelsea opened up about why she left the show, and her daughter, Aubree’s privacy was a major factor in her decision.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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