Chelsea Houska denies plastic surgery, looks ‘like a completely different person’ in new pic

Chelsea DeBoer formerly of Teen Mom 2
Did Chelsea Houska get work done to her face? Her fans seem to think she did after she shared a recent pic. Pic credit: MTV

Chelsea Houska shot down trolls who accused the former Teen Mom 2 star of using Photoshop and having work done.

The 29-year-old mom of four is no stranger to her looks being scrutinized on TV and social media, having starred on the Teen Mom franchise for ten seasons.

Chelsea Houska’s followers comment on her changed appearance

When Chelsea shared a pic recently on her Instagram page of herself and husband Cole DeBoer, some of her followers pointed out that she didn’t quite look like herself.

In the pic, Chelsea and Cole stood on their front porch, as Cole had his arm around Chelsea’s shoulder as they both smiled for the camera.

Chelsea wore her newly-dyed chocolate brown hair in long waves, nearly reaching her waist, a white tank, and light-washed jeans.

“You look different. Don’t get work done,” one of Chelsea’s followers commented on the pic.

Another one of Chelsea’s followers commented, “Wtf is up with her face? I hope she didn’t have work done and mess up her gorgeous face!!”

One comment in particular, though, caught Chelsea’s attention when one of her followers asked if she used Photoshop or had any work done.

Chelsea denies using Photoshop or having work done

“@skylarsmom photoshop or did she have work done? Is it just me or does she look like a completely different person here ?” one fan asked, that prompted Chelsea to speak up.

Chelsea denied using Photoshop or having any cosmetic procedures done, but did admit to adding some length and volume to her hair with extensions.

“kalynsm_hair neither babe lol lots of extensions tho,” Chelsea replied to the comment.

chelsea houska denied using photoshop or having work done on instagram
Chelsea denied using Photoshop or having work done. Pic credit: @chelseahouska/Instagram

Chelsea isn’t opposed to Botox and fillers

Later in the day, Chelsea took to her Instagram Stories to answer some fan questions. One question Chelsea got read, “Ever gotten Botox/filler? If so, your experience with it?”

“I am one of those people who is all for doing whatever the hell you want. I have had Botox, I’ve had a little bit of filler before. Um, Botox, my dad does it and I know I shared a long time ago um him coming to my house and doing it, so…” Chelsea told her followers.

This isn’t the first time Chelsea has come under fire for her appearance. The former MTV star is staying in shape lately with a 75-day fitness challenge and showed off her fit physique.

But even though Chelsea is working on her health with regular Peloton workouts, her critics have slammed her for wearing too much makeup for her at-home workouts.

Although Chelsea recently changed up her signature red locks with her new dark brown hue, some of Chelsea’s critics think the former Teen Mom 2 star could still use a refreshed look.

Many of Chelsea’s fans aren’t crazy about her “orange” spray tan and some have accused her of “overdoing” her lip fillers.

Being on the TV screens of millions of viewers and putting her life on social media, Chelsea has learned that unfortunately, scrutiny from fans and critics is par for the course.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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