Chef Rachel Hargrove teases she’s ‘not the crazy person’ on Below Deck Season 9

Below Deck: Chef Rachel shares why Season 9 is better than Season 8.
Below Deck fans will see single chef Rachel during Season 9. Pic credit: Bravo

Chef Rachel Hargrove teases she’s not the crazy person on Below Deck Season 9.

There’s no question in Season 8 that Rachel brought the crazy with her drunken antics and quitting in a fit of rage over a preference sheet. Rachel also uttered the infamous phrase, “eat my cooter.”

The chef speaks her mind, which caused a lot of tension between her and first officer Eddie Lucas during Season 8. Eddie called Rachel “bats**t crazy” in the Season 9 premiere episode, but Rachel insists she’s not the crazy one this season.

What did chef Rachel say about Below Deck Season 9?

In an interview with Decider, Rachel spilled the tea on Season 9, revealing she had a lot of fun the second time around. Rachel is single, so not having the added stress of a boyfriend certainly made things more enjoyable for the chef.

As for what Eddie said about Rachel in the premiere, she had the best response to his words.

“Sometimes people like to use ‘crazy’ as a very loose terminology, which is great and all but, whatever. That’s how he feels, you know? And if I’m crazy and I’m good at my job, and people still love to be around me and watch me or Bravo will fly me out on a private jet to make sure I film the season then goddammit I’m bats**t f**king crazy! #winning,” Rachel shared with the website.

While Rachel certainly did have rather crazy antics during Season 8, the label belongs to someone else on Below Deck Season 9.

“It really is a fun season, and you know what’s great to say is, I’m not the crazy one this season. Go figure,” she spilled.

Rachel does admit that on the Season 9 crew nights out, she does stuff most people want to do but don’t have the guts to do.

How did Rachel feel about returning to Below Deck?

The chef was a little hesitant to return to Below Deck because of different things that occurred during Season 8. However, once Rachel arrived, she became excited for the opportunity to have a do-over.

“I was excited to just go through and do it and enjoy the show. But at the same time, I had a lot of fun for some reason. Maybe it’s the red hair. I have no control over it. She’s a beast on her own. I really liked smacking Jake’s a** with the bug zapper,” Rachel expressed.

So, if Rachel Hargrove isn’t the crazy one on Below Deck Season 9, then who is?

That’s something Below Deck viewers will have to wait and see as the season unfolds. All Rachel said was she bonded more with her Season 9 crew members than she did Season 8.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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