Chef Justine Vastano on Below Deck is chef Kevin Dobson’s nemesis: What are her cooking credentials?

Below Deck charter guest Justine Vastano is a chef.
The chef to chef talk between Justine and Kevin did not go well. Pic credit: bravo

Chef Kevin Dobson was told to step up his cooking game on the recent episode of Below Deck.

No, Captain Lee Rosbach did not scold Kevin again. This time around, it was one of the charter guests, chef Justine Vastano who had a message for the Valor chef.

Justine gave Kevin her two cents on the quality of food he was serving. The group did have a slew of dietary requirements, making cooking a bit challenging. However, she thought he could do better after the guests were served a couple of basic meals, like pizza.

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Kevin did not handle the critique of his food well at all. It is not surprising he took offense to her suggestion, as Justine put it to the other guests, he thinks of himself as a “food god.”

Even though Kevin can’t handle anyone dissing his cooking ability or quality of food, viewers couldn’t help but wonder what credentials Justine has in the kitchen.

It was bold of her to have a one on one with Kevin, primarily since she viewed the chat a chef to chef talk. So, is chef Justine really that good of a chef, or is it merely a title?

Here’s what we found out.

Justine is a private chef based out of Charleston, South Carolina. She studied at the International Culinary Center in New York City, in their French Intensive Culinary Arts program where she honed her skills for cooking. Her website declares food and cooking are her passion.

Along with being a private chef, Justine owns Silver Spoons in Charleston, which also offers workshops and classes, as well as private catering. The 30-year-old uses social media to showcase her food creations. Based on her website and social media, it does appear Justine Vastano knows a thing or two about cooking.

The question is, did she cross a line by giving chef Kevin Dobson her input, or did he overreact to her comments?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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6 months ago

As much as I dislike Kevin, Justine was not the primary and Kevin served exactly what the primary had asked for and all raved about the food until Justine told them it wasn’t good. Also she had no right to enter another Chefs kitchen and complain, that should have been the primary. ALSO COOKING on a yacht is far different than cooking in a land based restaurant with tons of help and basic everyday customers.