Chef Adam slams Chief Stew Hannah on new Below Deck Mediterranean

Does Chief Stew Hannah have Resting B***h Face? Chef Adam thinks so

Hannah and Bobby are the only crew members back from last season on Below Deck Mediterranean.

And Bobby is looking for love again.

There’s a whole new crew to choose from, with several attractive women.

But it’s not going to work out well. It never does.

“I’m not looking to be wifed up,” deckhand Malia says.

Somebody breaks Girl Code, and next thing you know, everybody is yelling at everybody else.

“If I wanna go around and f*** everyone on this boat, that’s my prerogative,” Malia says.

New deckhand Malia says it’s her perogative to f*** everyone on the boat

You can imagine how that works out for a group of people in a confined space.

“Is this like a threesome?” Bobby asks.

“I kissed a f*****g w***e,” the new chef, Adam, says bitterly.

He’s a piece of work, although he’s nice to look at.

He and Hannah hit it off about as well as Kate did with that utterly forgettable black guy who didn’t last a full season on Below Deck.

He also channels the infamous Ben.

He doesn’t care when the guests are unhappy – instead, he abuses the Chief Stew.

Even for something as simple as a request for no onions.

“Well that’s not going to happen, so they can f**k off,” Chef Adam says.

“I just give the guests what they ask for on their preference sheet,” Hannah says.

“What’s that? A resting b***h face,” Adam asks.

Yeah, he’s a charmer.

New Captain Sandy looks like she’s going to be a mess, but she has an excellent professional reputation.

The new captain is a woman with an excellent professional reputation, before the show

It’s not her fault if her crew is too ********** and ends up fighting over booty.

Because it looks like that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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