Cheer star Jada Wooten says she wasn’t invited to Cheer Live tour, disinvited from appearances due to language

Cheer star Jada Wooten
Jada Wooten told her fans she was disinvited from an event due to the “bad language” she used in the Netflix documentary Cheer. Pic credit: @jadawooten_/Instagram

Cheer star Jada Wooten recently opened up about thriving in the face of adversity after revealing that she was made to feel as though she’s “too much” for some in the sport of cheerleading.

Jada rose to fame during Season 2 of Cheer on Netflix, the multi Emmy Award-winning docu-series that thrust the sport of cheerleading into the limelight.

The series highlighted the two most successful rival cheer programs in Navarro County, Texas: Navarro College and Trinity Valley Community College.

Jada cheered for Trinity Valley under the reign of head coach Vontae Johnson, taking first place at Daytona as the National Cheerleaders Association champs for 2021.

Cheer star Jada Wooten says she lost work due to ‘bad language’ during Season 2

Now, Jada has revealed that her language during Season 2 of Cheer has affected appearances in the cheer community and said it’s gotten her disinvited from some events.

“I have something to share today,” Jada wrote to her 111k followers on Instagram. “Just because one gym, one school, one friend group, or one brand tells you that you’re too much or not enough, I need you to KNOW that you are PERFECT and just right in YOUR TRIBE exactly as you are!”

Jada explained that she entered into a contract with Rebel Athletic, a big name in the cheer and dance uniform industry. Jada was to appear in three photoshoots and appear at some events to represent their brand.

However, Jada claims that Rebel disinvited her to upcoming events after deciding her “bad language” during Season 2 of Cheer didn’t fit their brand.

“Moms won’t want their daughters taking pictures with you,” Jada claimed in her post as the reason for being disinvited.

Although Jada lost out on some appearances, she made it clear that she doesn’t want her fans (or critics) to feel sorry for her.

“Truth is I don’t fit the Rebel or the tour brand. I’m too much and there’s no room for all of me there,” Jada told her Instagram followers.

“I won’t ‘clean up my language’ to appease them in order to fit in. Because you know what? It never stops there,” she continued. “There will always be one more ‘too much.’ More chipping away at who I am when trying to belong where I’m not meant to be.”

Rebel Athletic made a statement to BuzzFeed News, explaining their choice to drop Jada from upcoming appearances.

Their statement read, “Due to her choice of words in Cheer Season 2, and our median audience being 8 to 10 years old, we asked her to sit out three meet and greet events that would attract a younger audience.”

They continued, “Jada chose to decline those offers, and instead she asked to terminate her relationship with Rebel in its entirety.”

Jada Wooten not asked to participate in Monica Aldama’s Cheer Live tour

On top of losing out on appearance opportunities, Jada disclosed that she wasn’t asked to be a part of Monica Aldama and Andy Cosferent’s tour, Cheer Live.

Cheer Live is a national tour kicking off this summer that will feature the most elite cheerleaders from Navarro and Trinity Valley, including several familiar faces from Cheer.

During her time on Season 2 of Cheer, Jada stood out as one of the more outspoken teammates on Vontae’s squad at Trinity Valley. Her leadership may have come across as a bit brash to some, but she’s not apologizing for being her authentic self.

“This is to the real ones. The ones who are too much or never enough,” Jada told her fans. “Too big, too loud, too black, not black enough, too small, too poor, not smart enough. This is to all of you who are any of these things and still live your authentic life in spite of it!”

Seasons 1 and 2 of Cheer are currently streaming on Netflix.

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