Cheer star Andy Cosferent says he wasn’t fired from Season 2, explains why he disappeared mid-season

Cheer star Andy Cosferent
Andy Cosferent says he was not fired from Season 2 of Cheer and explains his absence. Pic credit: @andy_cosferent/Instagram

Season 2 of Cheer had fans wondering what happened to Monica Aldama’s assistant coach, Andy Cosferent, when he curiously disappeared mid-season.

Cheer fans came to know fan-favorite Assistant Coach Andy as Monica’s trusty sidekick, by her side for every practice and event.

So when Andy suddenly disappeared from the cast mid-season (after Navarro Cheer alum Kailee Peppers took over his role), viewers wondered whether Andy had been axed from the popular Netflix documentary series.

Andy Cosferent explains disappearance from Season 2 of Cheer

Now, Andy tells TMZ that wasn’t the case at all – in fact, Andy shared some exciting news along with his explanation.

It turns out that Andy has been busy with some other cheer-related business opportunities. Not only is Andy the assistant coach for Navarro College’s cheer squad, but he also works for a company that coordinates cheer camps. So when business began to boom again amid the pandemic, Andy took advantage.

In addition to some of his choreography projects, Andy has also teamed up with Monica Aldama to announce a national cheer tour, Cheer Live, denouncing rumors that he and Monica had a falling out.

Andy also talked about the outcome of Navarro’s devastating loss at Daytona to their local Texas rival, Trinity Valley Community College, last year after they dropped a stunt, explaining whether he felt his presence would have accounted for a different outcome.

“I don’t know if me being there or, you know, replacing someone or even being around more would have changed the outcome,” Andy said.

“Again, you know, everyone makes mistakes and on that finals day, we, Navarro, made a mistake,” Andy continued. “You know, and that’s what they have to pay for and you know, Trinity Valley hit an amazing routine on finals and they took the title, so I don’t know that the outcome would have been different. Um, I choose to think that it would not.”

Andy Cosferent teaming up with Monica Aldama once again for Cheer Live tour

Andy said the Cheer Live tour won’t affect Daytona (which takes place every April) as they’ll begin preparations in May, with the first show of the tour slated to premiere in early June.

Andy shared that Cheer Live will feature cheerleaders not only from Navarro College and Trinity Valley Community College, but some new athletes as well. Some of the famous faces from Season 1 and 2 — such as Gabi Butler, Morgan Simianer, DeVonte “Dee” Joseph, and Angel Rice — will be touring with Andy and Monica.

Cheer fans can catch the first leg of the Cheer Live tour – which touts, “It doesn’t have to end at Daytona” – in June 2022 in San Diego, California.

Season 2 of Cheer is currently streaming on Netflix.

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