Cheer: Monica Aldama is bringing the best in the sport on tour this summer with Cheer Live

Monica Aldama of Cheer
Monica Aldama is taking the most elite cheerleaders on tour this summer. Pic credit: Netflix

Cheer star Monica Aldama is expanding her love and knowledge of cheerleading and will be taking the best of the best on the road this summer for the first-ever Cheer Live tour.

Fans of the Emmy-award winning Netflix documentary Cheer are craving more thrilling stunts, dance, and tumbling after most of them have already binge-watched Season 2.

Cheer Live announced as Monica Aldama’s latest project

Now, there is some exciting news coming Cheer fans’ way — some of the biggest names in cheerleading are going on tour with Monica Aldama and Andy Cosferent to bring Cheer Live to arenas across North America.

“For the first time ever, the Cheer stars you know and love are hitting the road in a brand new stage performance that will have you on the edge of your seat,” Cheer Live’s official trailer touts.

“Cheer Live [will feature] athletes Gabi [Butler], Morgan [Simianer], James [Thomas], Maddy [Brum], Angel [Rice], Dee [Joseph], and many more, with a special appearance by Monica Aldama.”

The nationwide event is the first of its kind. It will combine not only cheer athletes from Navarro College but also Trinity Valley Community College, the two most successful rival cheer programs in Navarro County, Texas. There are 14 cheerleaders, male and female, on the bill.

Cheer Live’s webpage describes the tour as “a first of its kind premiere athletic event staged with the epic production value of a live concert. Cheer Live will change the way the sport is viewed forever, allowing younger & aspiring cheerleaders to envision a future of cheerleading beyond the mat.”

Navarro College cheer coach Monica Aldama and her assistant coach, Andy Cosferent, are the creators of Cheer Live. Monica recently shared the news on her Instagram page.

“The road doesn’t end at Daytona!” Monica told her followers earlier this week. “I’m so excited to take some of the best in our sport on tour this summer!”

The cheerleaders are excited to go on tour with Cheer Live

Two of Cheer Live’s most well-known cheerleaders, Morgan Simianer and Gabi Butler, commented on Monica’s post and showed their enthusiasm.

“I’m freaking out ??,” Morgan wrote.

“The fact that I am going to get to experience this with you makes my heart so happy ❤❤,” commented Gabi.

morgan and gabi are excited for cheer live
Pic credit: @monicaaldama/Instagram

Cheer Live looks to be a thrilling experience, not only for the audiences but for the athletes who have dedicated countless, grueling hours in the gym, perfecting their craft.

Tickets for Cheer Live go on sale Friday, February 4 at

Season 2 of Cheer is currently streaming on Netflix.

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