Check out Mauricio Umansky’s cringey clap back at RHOBH critics

Mauricio Umansky at the Battersea Power Station Global Launch Party, 2014
Mauricio Umansky responds to critics. Pic credit: ©

Mauricio Umansky is no stranger to the spotlight since his wife, Kyle Richards, has been on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for 13 years.

In recent months, the couple has been the topic of tabloid fodder amid the shocking revelation that they had separated.

Mauricio has remained relatively quiet on social media amid speculations about why the couple called it quits after 27 years of marriage.

However, The Agency founder is now clapping back at the critics, and he did so in an unusual way that some might even call cringey.

The chatter surrounding Mauricio and Kyle’s marriage reignited after the RHOBH Season 13 finale.

After beating around the bush for several months about the cause of their split, Kyle finally revealed that Mauricio did something she couldn’t get over.

The mom of four is keeping us in the dark about what he did, leaving people to assume Mauricio was unfaithful at some point during their marriage.

Hopefully, we’ll get more clarity on that during the highly anticipated reunion, but Mauricio is feeling the heat from critics now.

Mauricio Umansky has a cringey clapback for RHOBH critics

Mauricio took to Instagram with a video and a message for those trashing him online.

“Here is what I have to say to all the tabloids and people speculating about my life,” he wrote.

The clip showed the 53-year-old doing a weird dance with lots of hand motions while the voiceover playing in the background said, “Just get your s**t and go, go go.”

The cringey video was posted on his Instagram Story and marked the first time that Mauricio has spoken out on the backlash he’s been getting from RHOBH viewers.

Mauricio spilled the tea about his split from Kyle Richards on Netflix

While Kyle kept things hush-hush on RHOBH, Mauricio spilled all the tea while filming his Netflix series.

A preview for Season 2 of Buying Beverly Hills was recently released, and it showed The Agency founder talking to his kids about his split from Kyle.

Meanwhile, the RHOBH OG filmed Season 13 without saying a word, even though they were already separated when filming began.

The scene from the finale that showed her sit-down with Mauricio and the kids was filmed after the season wrapped in May 2023. News broke about Kyle and Mauricio’s separation in July.

Soon after, the Bravo cameras picked back up to capture the aftermath of their marital drama.

That heartbreaking clip aired in the finale, and more will be revealed in the upcoming reunion.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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