Chasen Nick and Chris Conran reunite for double date

Chasen NIck
Chris Conran and Chasen Nick keep their bromance alive. Pic credit: ABC

Chasen Nick and Chris Conran are one of the many bromances from The Bachelor franchise, and the two men recently reunited with their significant others over Super Bowl weekend. 

Both Chasen and Chris have attempted to find love on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. While neither had the most successful times on either, Chris Conran did walk away from paradise with his current girlfriend Alana Milne, with who he now lives. 

Meanwhile, Chasen Nick found love away from the franchise. 

Chasen Nick and Chris Conran keep their bromance alive 

Now that Chris and Chasen are both in relationships, the pals met up for a double date at a fun-filled party. 

Chris Conran shared a photo from the event as he referred to Chasen and his girlfriend as family. 

In the photo, initially shared by Alana Milne, Chasen and Chris stand in the middle of their special ladies as the four are all smiles. 

Chasen wore a casual tee and shorts, and Chris wore a cap, glasses, a black tee, and black pants. Meanwhile, BIP Season 7 star Alana Milne wore a crop top and black pants, and Chasen’s girlfriend wore a formfitting white mini dress. 

Chris and Alana both expressed their love for Chasen and his significant other in the post, with Alana writing, “love y’all,” and Chris writing, “love the fam.”

Chris Conran Instagram story
Pic credit: @chrisconran/Instagram

Chasen Nick and Chris Conran had a double date on Bachelor in Paradise

Before Chasen and Chris were in committed relationships, the buddies went on a double date on Bachelor in Paradise. 

First, Chris and Chasen appeared on The Bachelorette Season 16, where Chris was eliminated in week one, and Chasen was eliminated in week six.

The two guys decided to try their luck again when they returned to the franchise on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. 

Establishing their bromance, Chasen and Chris got to go on a double date as soon as they arrived on the island. Chasen took Deandra Kanu on the date, and Chris took Jessenia Cruz on the date, where the two couples did some rather intimate yoga together. 

Ultimately Chasen was sent home quickly, and Chris was later bullied off the island after his fellow cast members learned that he was seemingly using Jessenia as he waited for his alleged previous flame Alana Milne to arrive on the island. 

Chris and Alana left Bachelor in Paradise with their heads hung, but they later turned the low moment into humorous art for their new home together. 

Chris and Alana are clearly still going strong and so is Chris’ friendship with Chasen.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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