Charlie Potthast reveals if he still speaks to Elizabeth Potthast after Happily Ever After drama

Charlie and Elizabeth Potthast
Charlie answered a question about his current relationship with his sister Elizabeth. Pic credit: TLC

So much went down this 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? season between Elizabeth and Andrei and Elizabeth’s siblings that it may have been too much to come back from.

The season ended with a physical altercation between Andrei and Charlie which resulted in even more hurt feelings and division within the Potthast family.

Charlie answered follower questions on Instagram and one of his answers spoke to the current state of his relationship with Elizabeth.

Charlie has only ever tried to be civil around Andrei for his sister because he knows that by helping Andrei out and getting along he is also doing good for his sister in return. Tensions over the family business sent the relationship between Charlie and Andrei over the edge, however, to a place that may be unrepairable.

Unfortunately, it looks like Charlie’s relationship with his sister Elizabeth suffered as a result too.

Charlie Potthast revealed what his relationship with his sister Elizabeth Potthast is like now

Many Happily Ever After? viewers are curious to know how much Charlie’s fight with Andrei affected his closeness with his sister Elizabeth. Charlie gave an overview of that relationship by giving an example of a recent interaction.

Charlie was asked by a follower on Instagram, “Do you still talk to Elizabeth after the Andreiiii situation?”

He answered, “I said hi to her in the airport but she gave me a Karen face.”

Charlie answered a fan’s question about where his relationship with Elizabeth is at. Pic credit: @charliepotthast/Instagram

Charlie’s answer does not make it seem like he and Elizabeth are in a good place and there is some healing that needs to be done.

The Potthast family was very close before Andrei Castravet came into it

Elizabeth had a very close relationship with her sisters Jenn and Becky before she married Andrei, and often turned to them for advice. While she has continued to turn to them while she’s been married, Andrei’s actions have pissed her sisters off which has affected their feelings towards their sister.

The Potthast family business also functioned between all four siblings and their dad Chuck before Andrei came around. Now Becky and Jenn feel like Andrei has taken their place.

Charlie has to do all his business deals separate from Andrei and Chuck’s, which was not the original plan. Chuck wanted them all to work together but Andrei’s attitude and manipulation have pushed the family apart.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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