Charlie Potthast gives bizarre response to his sisters’, wife’s, and Andrei’s appearance on 90 Day: Bares All

Charlie Potthast
Charlie put out a video message in response to his family members’ appearance on 90 Day Bares All. Pic credit: TLC

Charlie Potthast was left out of the premiere episode of 90 Day: Bares All where his wife, sisters, and Andrei attempted to hash some things out.

Charlie did, however, make a video after the episode on his feelings about what was said. The video took a couple of strange turns and was just bizarre in general.

Charlie was widely criticized by his family for his drinking and the general consensus was that he started the fight with Andrei at the Potthast family cookout.

The bad blood stemming from that is still unresolved and Charlie’s wife Meg spoke more about it on Bares All.

Charlie Potthast gave a very odd response to the premiere episode of 90 Day: Bares All

Charlie’s rhetoric during the just over two-minute-long video was not always the most coherent and the word “bro” ran amuck, much like it did during the Tell All.

Charlie began by premising that these were his thoughts on the 90 Day: Bares All episode.

He said, “It was all women bro. Where were the men at? It was all women. No men on there, bro. You can say Andrei was a man. But bro, he should have been wearing a dress just like everyone else, bro.”

Charlie continued, “Like you’re up there talking s**t to my wife like that, bro. What man talks to a woman like that? Only a weak, insecure, b******s, that’s who.”

A child can then be heard in the background saying, “What?” Followed by “B***h” to which Charlie doesn’t seem to care.

He went on, “You say, ‘Oh Andrei talked s**t to you at the Tell All, bro, and you didn’t say anything’.” He then strangely put on a hat sideways and says, “Cap. That didn’t happen.”

Charlie continued, “And like, bro, all these, Jenn, Becky, Libby, all dem, what did Megan do to y’all, bro? Honestly, what did she do to y’all? Literally, answer that question.”

He then called his sisters, “thirsty f*****g dragons” before saying, “That’s it, bro. My dad’s the same way, sad to say. Every time I see him he’s like, ‘Lool at this lady that hit me up on Instagram, bro, look at this lady that hit me up on Facebook, bro.”

Charlie then explained, “Meanwhile, we can’t even go to family functions because he let my family cancel us, bro. And he’s cool with that. Sad, bro.”

It seems like Charlie attempted to defend his wife in the video but it came out a strange and somewhat incoherent rant where he verbally attacked his family members.

Charlie Potthast got a lot of negative attention from the Happily Ever After Tell All

Charlie got roasted by his family at the Happily Ever After? Tell All as being an alcoholic who is the toxic one in the family. Andrei accused Charlie of even being fired from the family business by Chuck.

It’s clear there are some major issues that have caused irreparable damage to the relationships within the family. Every member of the family has played their own part in causing the divide as well.

90 Day Bares All Season 2 airs Sundays on Discovery+.

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