Charles Michael Yim, Breathometer and Cointopia founder on Below Deck, has a huge net worth but little shame!

Charles Yim on Below Deck
Charles Yim, the founder of Cointopia and Breathometer, on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Bravo’s Below Deck Season 6 has been a roller-coaster ride this year, and the latest episode, “Naked Smoothie,” was no exception.

Right at the center of it was Charles Michael Yim, who is set to go down in history as one of the show’s most unforgettable guests, and there have been tons and tons of those!

Yim is obviously a high net worth individual after founding blockchain company Cointopia and previously the alcohol blood content tester Breathometer. He’s also an enthusiastic reality tv star, and along with Below Deck has appeared on Shark Tank, Beyond the Tank and Chopped.

Despite his lengthy reality TV resume, Yim has a bit to learn about appearances!

When chief stew Kate Chastain is summoned to the master suite, she discovers Yim semi-hiding behind the door, making a foodie request.

“Is it possible to get a blueberry smoothie?” he asks. Fans were left wondering why he was leaning against the door, trying not to show his full frontal. Oh, it’s because he is full frontal, yikes!

Still wanting more, Yim, with touseled hair, then asks for a strawberry smoothie.

Astonished, Kate walks away and says, “Charles Yim could have at least used a little scarf.” Little? Ouch! She adds, “that’s gross!”

“I am not a surprise guest knocking on your door you knew I was coming,” she continues. “You don’t order a pizza and then answer the door naked like they caught you of guard!”

She gets to making the smoothies straight up, still shaken by her little adventure. Looking at her creation she notes that the smoothie, “has a color that just doesn’t appear in nature,” while amused deckhand Ashton chimes, “in that’s not the right color.”

After a sip Kate says, “That tastes like s**t.” Hmm, maybe Yim got a bit of sweet payback?

The episode also saw him appear to leave a used condom on a nightstand…

And next episode he gets steamy on the crow’s nest — in full view of the superyacht’s cameras!

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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