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Chantel Everett updates old post with a telling message for Pedro Jimeno

The Family Chantel star Chantel Everett shares a sobering message for Pedro Jimeno.
Chantel Everett has a message for Pedro Jimeno. Pic credit: @chantel_j_/Instagram

Chantel Everett has a message for her estranged husband Pedro Jimeno, and she’s using an old post to air her true feelings about his behavior. 

The Family Chantel star has been going through a lot as the demise of her marriage continues to play out on the show.

Unfortunately for Chantel, we already know there will not be a happy ending for her and Pedro, as news of their pending divorce has already been made public. 

The couple has had marital issues for many years and was often bashed by viewers who think they fabricate drama just for the show. However, now we know it’s all too real as Pedro filed for divorce from his wife on May 27 and noted that they had officially split a month prior. 

Pedro has been getting bashed online for his behavior towards Chantel and people have commented that the Dominican Republic native was only interested in his wife for a green card.

Pedro hasn’t said anything publicly since news of his divorce hit the blogs but Chantel recently posted a telling message for her estranged husband. 

Chantel Everett has some words for Pedro Jimeno

In an Instagram photo shared back in 2017, Chantel updated the caption of her post to reflect her current state of mind. 

“A girl doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her,” she wrote.

The photo showed The Family Chantel star clad in a white bikini with a black mesh coverup while looking out to sea. She had a pensive look on her face as the wind blew in her hair. 

Meanwhile, Chantel isn’t the only one with a message for Pedro, her mom Karen recently shared a post with a strong word for people trying to hurt her kids. 

“This is a public service announcement!” she wrote. “Fellow parents! as long as you have breath in your bodies, don’t ever allow anyone to mistreat or run rough shot over your children!” 

Chantel Everett gets support amid divorce news

After sharing the reflective message on Instagram The Family Chantel star was met with words of encouragement.

Viewers who’ve been watching her marital issues play out on the show and have heard about her divorce from Pedro Jimeno assured the 31-year-old that things will get better.

“You are beautiful. Hang in there. This too shall pass,” wrote one commenter.

“Patience is a virtue, the right one will come along and show you what true love and respect truly mean,” added someone else.

One person blasted Pedro for his behavior and told Chantel “You are beautiful inside and out and you will find the right one.”

The Family Chantel assures Chantel Everett she deserves better than Pedro Jimeno.
Pic credit: @chantel_j_/Instagram

“You deserved better!” added someone else. “There is someone out there who will give you the world.”

The Family Chantel assures Chantel Everett she deserves better than Pedro Jimeno.
Pic credit: @chantel_j_/Instagram

Someone else reiterated the sentiment by adding, “Honestly, you are better off without him, you deserve better.”

The Family Chantel airs Mondays on TLC at 8/7c. 

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  1. I dated a young man from the DR for 4 years, and lived togather for the last 4 months of our relationship. Pedro reminds me so much of him. he never let me forget where he was from and constantly remind me that I was not!!
    Good riddance 👏🏾

  2. It wasnt all Pedro’s fault, now come on..did he treat her bad in the end, yes he did but with all this interference with both of their families , it was gonna happen sooner or later..they shouldve keep their marriage business to only them..and before you all say it, yes a family should stick up for their family but not so much when it comes to husband and life stuff..they both was in the wrong for telling their marriage business to family members..just my opinion!!

    • I agree with you. There should have been Boundaries from the start but they neglected to keep their marriage life private & this is the end result.

  3. He came from trash. What did you expect? His whole family are scammers, liars and wh**es. This was the plan all along. And it’s not rough ‘shot’, it’s rough ‘shod’! 🙄

  4. Chantelle you’re beautiful and lowered your standards even entertaining that low classed Pedro. All he wanted was a green card so he can bring his wretched mother and disrespectful sister to America. I hope he fails in everything he does. He won’t have any good luck because God doesn’t bless mess and that’s exactly what he is MESS!!! Throw out the trash and keep it moving and next time don’t settle. You’re too pretty, intelligent and classy for that.

    • It’s amazing (based on your post, of course) how Chantel is to be porotected and Pedro is to be thrown to the wolves. They are both responsible for the demise of the marriage, and Chantel kept running and telling her family all the business….yet you side with her. SMDH

  5. Well,if I remember correctly,he used to just sit there and play his video games all the day long… she put up with that…the only good thing about Pedro leaving is that he takes his nasty mother and sister with him.. good riddance!!!!

  6. I’m very sad about Chantal and Pedro’s divorce…been watching them from the beginning way back, it’s disappointing!

  7. It’s sad that their relationship ended like this,but frankly you had to see this coming.In my opinion it seemed clear that Pedro was never fully invested in it.Its sickening to hear him accuse Chantel of all the things he was guilty of early on in this marriage.Can you say ‘video’ game marathons’,not putting in more hours on his ‘little’ job,not helping to keep the apt. clean while his wife was out trying to finish college while making more opportunities to build their future family wealth.He called her lazy,get a housekeeper dude you can afford it now. Now that he’s accomplished what he wanted,he’s acting ‘brand new’ Good riddance Pedro.Chantel take a breath, slow down to gather your thoughts on your future plans. You don’t know me from Adam but if the gossip is true,I beg of you woman to woman,please don’t become just ‘another’notch on Rich $ slimy belt.Getting involved with this narcissist is only lowering and devaluing yourself.Goodluck in your future endeavors.

  8. You have no idea how blessed you are to be rid of pedro and his family. You would have been a miserable one having to deal with all of their drama.

    • No man has any right to treat a women the way Pedro Jimeno treated you. You were trying very hard to save your marriage. This human you were married too. The truth of his character is what he has become and what he is as a human being. Character and honesty is very important. I would think he would have realized this because as a new realtor this is very important factor for clients. Well he showed his true colors an he is trying to move forward make money in real estate . Again character and honesty makes a difference in who would want to use you as a realtor. Go figure Pedro.! Chantel your smart, beautiful educated and unfortunately your marriage did not work out. Move forward and move on. You have the qualities to meet omeone better.


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