Chantel Everett promises final season will be ‘the most dramatic’

The Family Chantel star, Chantel Everett screenshot
Chantel Everett opens up about the show’s final season. Pic credit. TLC

The Everett family has put their lives on TV for several years, but they’re ready to bid goodbye to the spinoff show.

The Family Chantel will air its final episodes in November, and Chantel teased the “most dramatic season ever” during a recent interview.

Over the years, we’ve seen some jaw-dropping moments — not just from Chantel’s family but from Pedro Jimeno and his mom and sister as well.

The two sides have been at odds since the couple started dating, and things didn’t get any easier when they got married and Pedro moved to the U.S.

Now, things have taken quite a turn, as we saw the demise of Chantel and Pedro’s five-year marriage last season. The Dominican Republic native was the one who filed for divorce from his wife on May 27, 2022, and they both filed restraining orders against each other on the same day.

Chantel, in her response to the divorce, accused her ex of adultery and domestic violence.

Viewers will have a front-seat view of the former couple’s messy divorce when Season 5 returns.

Chantel Everett teases ‘dramatic’ Season 5 showdown

We recently shared the explosive Season 5 trailer, which will mark the end of the series and the end of Chantel and Pedro as we knew them.

Chantel recently opened up about the final chapter of the show with Entertainment Tonight and teased what viewers can expect.

“This is going to be the most dramatic season ever,” said the 32-year-old. “I mean, I guess it makes sense because it’s sort of the finale of the whole series.”

She continued, “Listen, I feel like The Family Chantel has been following the decline of my marriage. So this is the end of it. So naturally, it will be explosive.”

While at the 10th Anniversary event for 90 Day Fiance in New York, the TLC star was asked about the reality TV curse and whether that contributed to the demise of her relationship.

However, Chantel said the cameras only put a “magnifying glass” on their troubled marriage.

“I don’t feel like having the cameras and letting the public into my life has caused my divorce in any way,” she affirmed.

Is Chantel Everett ready for love again?

Despite her painful divorce, Chantel is not giving up on love.

“I do believe in love,” said The Family Chantel star. “I feel like love is the most powerful emotion, the most powerful energy.”

As for putting her romance on TV again, she remarked, “I’m not sure. If I find love and the opportunity presents, maybe I will.”

However, she didn’t share any details about her current love life but simply said, “You guys are just gonna have to watch the show. And stay tuned to find out.”

Season 5 of The Family Chantel premieres Monday, November 6, at 9/8c on TLC.

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