Chantel Everett gets a big hug from sister Winter Everett amid messy divorce from Pedro Jimeno

The Family Chantel stars Winter and Chantel Everett share sweet embrace in hotel lobby.
Chantel Everet gets a big hug from sister Winter Everett. Pic credit: @chantel_j_/@winterckyler/Instagram

As her divorce from Pedro Jimeno unfolds, Chantel Everett needs all the support she can get. Thankfully the Family Chantel star has her family by her side, and her little sister Winter Everett is a tower of strength for her.

Chantel and her family get a lot of backlash from viewers for being too involved in each other’s lives.

Their mom Karen Everett is usually leading the pack with probing personal questions that are often quite inappropriate, but that hasn’t stopped her yet.

Winter knows how her nosy family can intervene in a relationship. During Season 3, she was surprised to find out that Chantel and Karen hired a private investigator, and they confronted her and her then-boyfriend Jah with even more shocking news that he was concealing a secret son.

While Chantel hasn’t always supported Winter’s relationship, her little sister is not holding that against her. As the 31-year-old goes through a nasty split from her now estranged husband, Winter is the one helping her to get through the tough days.

Chantel just shared a photo on social media showing a sweet bonding moment with her sibling.

Chantel Everett gets a big hug from sister Winter Everett

Chantel Everet could use a hug or two right now, but she didn’t have to look very far. The Family Chantel star shared a photo on Instagram which showed her getting a tight squeeze from Winter, who had her eyes close for the sweet moment.

The sisters appeared to be inside a hotel lobby, judging by their surroundings. Chantel’s face wasn’t shown in the photo, but she was clad in cream-colored sweatpants with a black tank top and a sweatshirt thrown over her shoulder.

She had her hair in a sleek ponytail and had a backpack on the seat beside her.

Chantel didn’t add a caption alongside the photo of her and Winter, and she’s had her comment section turned off, so people cannot comment. The registered nurse is likely tired of hearing all the feedback about her marriage and simply wants to drown out the noise.

Chantel Everet is going through a messy divorce from Pedro Jimeno

Chantel and Pedro’s six-year marriage has ended, and things are getting messy with accusations being thrown from both parties.

Pedro made the first move and filed for divorce on May 27–the same day they both filed restraining orders again each other. The Dominican Native also claimed that his estranged wife transferred $257,000 from their joint bank account.

As for Chantel, her eye-raising accusations against Pedro are that of adultery and domestic violence.

In the meantime, their breakup is playing out on the show, with most viewers siding with Chantel and blasting Pedro for his behavior.

The Family Chantel airs Mondays on TLC at 8/7c. 

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Barbara Clay
Barbara Clay
10 months ago

I understand both situations, Pedro stood by Chantel through passing & failing test for nursing. This allowed him time to prepare for his career. Chantel wants to be treated like a queen but jealousy of his career path & friends do not help. Communication is the key to any relationship. Along with trust. Hopefully you two will find the passion you once had for each other. Keep your families our of your affairs. You two are the only one who matter.

Carolyn S Kane
Carolyn S Kane
10 months ago

I always knew Pedro was out to take Chantel for everything he could get. He is just like his mother….They used her from the very start. He even said he could out wait her and then get divorced. I am also very proud of Winter she is some beauty.. I agree with the girls taking the money out of the account, because he would have taken it anyways. I feel so bad ,because Chantel is going to learn a great lesson to listen to her parents. LISTEN

10 months ago

Yeah chantel girl you are pretty Pedro I mean that’s good you guys are separate cuz you he needs to go you’re beautiful you got this girl