CBS replaces Love Island USA with The Real Love Boat

The Regal Princess boat
The Regal Princess is the home of The Real Love Boat. Pic credit: Princess Cruise/CBS

When CBS chose to let Love Island USA go after its third season, fans voiced disappointment.

NBC picked up Love Island USA and moved it to their streaming service. This likely means the show will be much better since there are no network censors, but it also means subscribing to see it live.

However, CBS had a replacement already lined up.

The Real Love Boat is coming to CBS as Love Island USA’s replacement this summer.

What is The Real Love Boat?

The Real Love Boat is based on the classic ensemble TV show The Love Boat.

On the show, there was a group of main actors playing the crew of the Love Boat, and every week, guest stars would appear on the show in three to four ministries where they found love on the cruise ship.

For The Real Love Boat, CBS is inviting contestants onto the cruise ship to compete in games and try to find love.

It is like Love Island USA but on a ship instead of an island.

The press release reveals that The Real Love Boat will “bring singles together to cruise the Mediterranean on a luxury cruise ship while looking for love.” 

As for the format, the show will feature “destination dates, challenges, and surprise singles [who] will test the couples’ compatibility and chemistry.”

While Love Island USA was all about the sexual chemistry, which was neutered by network censors at times, this sounds more like the kind of show that could work without worrying about censors.

The Real Love Boat will compete with Love Island USA

It will be interesting to see which show fans prefer.

The Real Love Boat has the luxury of being on CBS, which means anyone who still subscribes to cable or has an antenna can see it.

Love Island USA will be on Peacock, which will cost subscribers $4.99 a month to get the streaming service to watch.

While The Real Love Boat will face the same censors that Love Island USA used to face, it is also the same ones who work on shows like The Bachelor, and the description sounds like the two shows might be similar in structure.

As for Love Island USA, moving to a streaming service means that the games and contests can be as risque and crazy as they are on the immensely popular U.K. version of the series.

The Real Love Boat will premiere sometime in the summer of 2022.

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