Catherine Giudici shows hilarious video of what husband Sean Lowe leaves around the house while gone on a trip

Catherine and Sean Lowe
Sean Lowe leaves surprise pictures and notes for his wife when he leaves town. Pic credit: ABC

Sean Lowe, the former third place winner on Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette, and past Bachelor himself for Season 17 of The Bachelor is one of the handfuls of Bachelor leads still with his final rose recipient.

Sean, who was a K-State football player in college, chose Catherine Giudici as his winner on his season. The couple is still together today with three young children in tow, Samuel, Isaiah, and Mia.

Catherine dislikes when her husband has to go out of town, and recently he went on a trip. However, she does like the pictures and notes that Sean leaves behind for her to find in various places around their house.

What did The Bachelor alum Sean Lowe leave for his wife, Catherine, to find this time?

This time, Sean left Catherine with Bachelor-themed finds that made her smile and laugh. Catherine even took to her Instagram page to show a few of the gems in a video.

The photos are all ones from his time on the show, so he looks much younger in them as well.

Catherine stated that Sean hid the notes “in cabinets, in the closet, and in drawers all around their house.” She could even be finding some once Sean is back, he hid so many.

In the original TikTok video that Catherine made and then shared to her Instagram page, she captioned it with, “I don’t like when my husband leaves for a trip. But I do like what he leaves for me to find while he’s gone [heart faces emoji.]”

She also wrote at the bottom of the first part of the video, “Ps. THAT’S where all the printer ink went?!”

What were some of the notes and pictures Sean left behind?

In one of the photos, Sean can be seen standing by the Bachelor mansion and he wrote, “When I get back, wanna join me in the Fantasy Suite? And by Fantasy Suite I mean watch Downton Abbey and go to bed by 9:00?”

Catherine commented first on her own post, as she explained, “Fantasy Suite, yes please! [red hearts emoji.]”

Pic credit: @catherinegiudici/Instagram

In another, younger Sean was down on his knees holding a rose, and he captioned the note part, “Catherine, will you accept my final rose?”

Yet another was of Sean standing in a doorway, as he wrote, “Looking for me? Or the T.P.? Either way, I’m glad to see you.”

It seems like Sean and Catherine have fallen more and more in love with each passing year since the show was filmed and aired. Bachelor Nation has been rooting for them since the beginning and is ecstatic that the duo has made it.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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